Glass VibrationsAmazing, but really, we do not notice many things around us that serve us every day in our lives. We accept them for granted. However each thing, even an “inanimate one”, needs love…

Hawaiians see everything as a live object. There is no such thing as an ‘inanimate’ object. All around us is alive. All is created by the Divinity.

Let’s observe the chain of how things are flowing with an ordinary glass. Someone over a hundred years ago played with sand and discovered that glass can be made from it. Inspiration received from the Divinity helped the masters to produce many wonderful glass samples. So the inspired human was not the creator but a channel for Divine creation. Let’s keep going. Inspired masters added some color to the glass and a miracle happened! We fill our eyes with beauty by observing wonderful Christmas-tree decorations, vases etc.

In daily life we never praise our house, even the same elevator that serves us every day and more than once a day never gets our appreciation! 

By saying “I love you” and “Thank you” we appeal to the Divinity to erase programs. “I love you” is passed not only through the glass, but all those whose hands, minds, skills once touched sand, soil, people who walked on the Earth, families of the masters, their relatives and ancestors.

Amazing, isn’t it? The importance is that we don’t have to know what is erased or which errors we made since the beginning of our existence.

I visited a restaurant today. I cleaned before the meal, during, and after eating. I hear how things speak while cleaning. Sometimes I hear thoughts and phrases, but this time I felt different – a vibration. I thanked and loved all around and suddenly…I heard that my glass of water started to complain! The vibration was anxious. It was tired. The glass told me that a lot of people drank from it and he can hardly carry that energetic load. It asked me to clean it since it heard and “saw” what the cleaning does.

Without any hesitation I used one of my lovely Ho’oponopono tools. In several minutes I felt the glass got better. It freed itself …And I felt better too.

Not everyone hears, not everyone sees, but if to practice Ho’oponopono you would feel a full trust to the Universe. The Universe itself finds ways of communication with you when and where necessary. The importance is to continue cleaning.

I thanked my glass and the Divinity for this little restaurant conversation and inspiration to write this story.

I love you!


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