Give Up Control and You Will Find GoldFinally, I have approached the topic which I’m sure each family has experienced.

Who prepares dinner and breakfast? – The wife! Who cleans the house? – The wife! Who washes dishes? – You can easily guess the answer. And husband goes to work only? – Hahaha!

In my family, I was the only one who did all this. I didn’t trust these tasks at home to anyone. I like to control things at home. All should be done in accordance with my desire and standards. Have you heard about those who immediately tide up the folds on their sofa after guests go? So that is also about me, hehe.

Ho’oponopono helped “unnoticeably for me!” to let go of that control. Why do I mention unnoticeable is because that miracle happened by itself, not in one day. But anyway I am happy that it happened!

My husband started to help me, partly, with cooking. He cooks…..mmmm…wonderful! Here is where the gold has been hidden!

He also took care of vacuuming the house. It turns out that I spent so much time to do this work. Wow!!! In general cleaning of the house sped up. And a lot of free time revealed!

My miracle loving husband has been living in my house and I didn’t know that since the memory of control was strong. How could I see? I saw through the eyes of the memory. The most important and precious for me is that I am 100% satisfied with how my husband cleans!

I love you!

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