fountainThe story from my ho’oponopono friend Julia:

–        Mom, Mom, a fountain! Look! – I heard the joyful voice of my daughter from her bedroom.

–          Well, a fountain – I said and continued searching the Internet indifferently.

–         But Mom, it is a fountain… they turned on the fountain there… Look away! – my daughter couldn’t calm down.

–         Well, – I came up to the window – Oh, fountain… Haven’t you seen fountains? – I shrugged and moved on.

–         Mom, we should go to have a look at the fountain immediately!

–         What are you talking about? I have a lot of things to do. We will look at it in the evening.

–         Oh, how come. Let’s go right now! – my daughter pursed her lips and cried.

Here we go… start crying of the fountain that we should go and look at immediately…

–         Ok. Get dressed, let’s go and look your fountain.

Daughter got dressed in no time with joy and we went outside. Once we came up to the fountain she began happily to jump around it.

I took a seat on the bench near the fountain and started looking at it. Suddenly, it came to me in a flash: “Oh, this is a FOUNTAIN! The water! The source of life! The source of strength  and energy!” At that it was an alive source of energy as well as everything in Ho’oponopono. I wish I always keep it in my mind!

Looking at the fountain with admiration I started to talk: “Dear Fountain! You are so beautiful, strong and powerful. How much energy you have. You aren’t afraid of anything… not like someone… I admire you!”

Suddenly, the water jet turned towards me and began to spray its streams to me playfully. I felt joy. It was a miracle! Because it was not a fountain rotating on its axis but it turned to me. I put my hand under the water stream. It kindly responded with splashes.

–     You are amazing! How much life is in you!

For a moment, I felt like a small child who just discovered the secret of the world, a child who knew no fears and limitations. With inspiration and a cheerful mood I backed home.

Nevertheless, with Ho’oponopono coming in my life such “fountains” are not rare. The miracles happened spontaneously and unexpectedly. They inspire me and give the feeling of freedom and happiness.

They didn’t turn on that fountain any more. My far-seeing daughter knew that if she didn’t look at the fountain that very  moment, there might not be the next one…

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