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Story from Incha.

It has been a month since I have returned from the Moscow seminar dedicated to Self I-Dentity Through Ho’oponopono. What did I learn this time? The main message for me was the 100% responsibility idea for all the events in my life.

During the class, participants often raised the question: “Can I teach my patients, children and other family members to the process?”  I thought how we by habit want to throw off the responsibility from our shoulder and pass it on to others.

I did exactly the same. I used one edible cleaning tool that worked on relationships. After I finished, I caught myself dreaming that it would be great if this tool would be eaten by my son and his girlfriend. Once in a while, I had a cold misunderstanding between me and them. Ah, if only my dream came true..

I even started to think over how to present to them this edible cleaning tool, so that they would not just try it once but would be eating it as needed.

Then suddenly something pushed me! If I heard about the problems of children – this was only my memory projected to me! This was my memory! So why did I want to throw a solution of this situation on the children? Maybe in their world it is not a problem at all! “Eat yourself” – I said to myself and finished up eating my cleaning tool.

Everything begins with me. Peace begins with me. I am like the first bone in the dominoes chain. If I fall down, the rest will fall down. If I clean up, it will clear up from all others.

Here is the story that Ihaleakala Hew Len told in the audio book “Zero Limits” that inspires me and that puts things right.

“There was a young man in Hawaii who had a very difficult time. His mother said that people didn’t like him, he was not doing well at school… The mother asked how to help him. I had to remind her: You’ll not help him. It’s only about you. What’s going on in you that you are experiencing that way?”


«You prayed for the wrong person, I replied. Better to pray for yourself and ask forgiveness for whatever is going on in you and shows up as illness in your grandchild».

People do not think that they are the source of their life experience.

The resume: everything should start with you. Cleaning yourself – changing our inner world. When it changes, step by step the change occurs in outer world. This changes expand just like the rings in the water bigger and bigger.

Peace begins with me! Thank you!


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  1. What is the edible cleaning tool? If you don’t mind sharing that please. I’m looking for a cleaning tool regarding romantic relationships especially.

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