Do not Miss Your ProblemThe story from Incha.

Aloha! It was time to write the article but I seemed stuck and didn’t see significant changes in my life to share with you.

However, after introspection, I began to realize that Ho’oponopono cleaning changes my life constantly, every day, every moment of life. This is like to meet a friend whom you haven’t seen for ages. You see yourself in the mirror every day. You think that you haven’t changed much but a friend suddenly says: Wow, I hardly recognize you! The same thing happens with the results of applying Ho’oponopono tools. You see no changes, but…

I use Ho’oponopono tools as passwords in my computer. After changing password once again another memory came up. I rejected it long ago and didn’t want to accept it. 

The structure of our salary payment was fully changed at my work. As a result of this changes the supervisors would be deprived of bonuses up to 50% . Now everything would be tied to the amount of work the department has completed. If they wouldn’t meet the requirements, then no bonus.

What should I do? How to live? I am to blame somebody else for my troubles… Kidding… Sure I take 100% responsibility for not meeting the plan for a half of a year.

The situation at my husband’s work is the opposite to mine and is getting better piece by piece. The boss he used to successfully work with has returned back to his team. There is a better reorganization plan that is cooking for the company that would allow to enjoy work even more.

What is it if not the result of my choice to do the cleaning from which my life depends upon. How many memories unfold that we consider to be the problems. These memories are held by our Unihipily over the centuries. No wonder that the first reaction is resistant. But it is worth to remember that the problem is an indication to what we should work with.

When anger goes away, I feel gratitude for the chance to move forward. Through the acceptance of the situation, you get powers and inspiration. You begin to send love, gratitude, and forgiveness to people and to the situations. You feel that heaviness and tension disappeared and everything does not seem to be so hopeless.

To me it turns out that every unpleasant situation moves us to the pleasant one if you chose cleaning. Only constant work in cleaning  brings its fruits. But green fruits are usually sour. That’s why I should remember that there is no sense to hurry up God with the results of cleaning!

The Creator doesn’t give us tasks beyond our strength. I used to go in for snowboarding a little bit. Now I want to be a snowboarder in Ho’oponopono that means to catch all the unpleasant situations as an invitation to do the cleaning. In such a way the snowboarder catches all the tracks and springboards using them with skill.


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