If you are not sure yet what Ho’oponopono practice is dealing with I have a nice example of how it works in all areas of our lives.

As I mentioned in the article "Mother's Love" Kate has a very interesting experience in cleaning with kids. 

Here is her story:

 Do Everything Correctly

сделать все правильноWhen my daughter was one and a half years old she couldn't yet walk. She wasn't able to. She couldn't find her feet. Doctors never saw a problem with my daughter before, suddenly she was diagnosed with encephalopathy.

By that time, I've already read Joe Vitale's book “Zero limits” and started to practice Ho’oponopono.

Through Juliya, I've made some friends who helped me with cleaning my toxic memories. I was upset. I constantly felt the pressure in my heart and my eyes were full of tears.

Soon on the Russian website “Hooponopono Miracles” Kekaulike started personal readings for people. And I, without a moment's hesitation, took advantage of this chance. It turned out that Kekaulike does not only listen to messages of the divine spiritual world, she constantly cleaned, browsed the situation in dynamics and described what she saw. The most important part of my problem was my crying Unihipili. He needed love and care. Unihipili keeps all of our memories. And if Unihipili doesn't let go of memories, they won't go away.

During my personal reading my Inner child – Unihipili calmed down. I would never forget moments of his tenderness and love to me!

For the first time in my life, I had a strong desire to write a letter to the woman I have been in a conflict with for many years. I wrote I forgave her for what happened between us, and I am truly sorry." The response to the letter came with Peace the same evening. In an hour my daughter made her first independent steps!  

The pressure in my chest disappeared but tears poured out of me. I cried again, but with joyful feelings sweeping over me. We are great friends with that woman now and she also cleans. At this moment my daughter is running all over the room.

Thank you!



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