Debt and Debt Holes.

For some reason when you are dealing with money there is always debt situations that show up on the surface. What is going on when somebody owes us money?

The first reaction of individual is the anger. Person talks out loud negative things toward the one he owe the money or, the best scenario is thinking bad thoughts without sceaming out loud. As you see the quiet or heavy explosive aggression is the experience of many when it comes to debt. There is no peace in your heart!

Imagine yourself to be The Money. If you are The Money would you go to the aggressive person that destroys everything around? What if the aggressive person will hit you badly? As Money you feel the fear. If I would be The Money, I wouldn’t go to destroyer for sure. I am positive you wouldn’t go either. Keeping a distance is the best recipe, don’t you think?

This is one of the reasons why Money wants to go away from a person rather than to stay! You owe or somebody owes you are the memories that are stuck in you!!! You don’t have to search for a guilty one. There is no need even to eat yourself up for that! You are created perfect anyway. The only one thing that is not ideal is the memory that runs me and you.

Money is alive just like you. They can speak. Thanks to Ho’oponopono I started to listen to them and hear them.

From my personal experience of talking to Money I can say one thing – they are open and offensive just like kids. They behave with you the way you behave with them.

At the beginning when I just started my first weak conversations with them they were very “icy”. They didn’t speak to me. Little did I know they began to melt down.

I and my inner child has a tradition to say thanks before going to bed. I name everyone in my mind who I am giving my gratitude. I forget to say thanks to Money but luckily it is not the case with my Unihipily that reminds me: Say to Money “Thank you”!

All you need to do is to work on yourself. Who said that spirituality and material things aren’t compatible?

I noticed that even those short moments of talking to them open up Money for me. They want to talk to me! They want to be my friend.

Don’t you want to have such friend? I do.

I love you!

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