MsKr show: Cleaning this moment

How do you concentrate on that very moment when you angry or hurt, when no cleaning comes up to your mind? This amazing show reveals a new tool that will help to clean during, before and after the cases of shock, fright, anger. Perhaps Divinity has its own solutions if you do your part. Gulya Kekaulike Polikoff is having conversation with Kamaile Rafaelovich, ZHoku=Pana Webber, Mary Koehler, Loke Freedman and Keala Rafalovich. They share their experiences with the cleaning, communications with Unihipili and remember stories of Morrnah. If you would like to learn how to slide from frustration, shock, despair to the cleaning this MsKr conversation is designed especially for you. Take advantage to not get stuck in the memory!

Date: May 10th

Time: 7 pm EST = 4 PST

Type: Replay

Fee: $33


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