People love to complain. They love to share the problems and obsess with them. They look for those who will listen and will empathize with them. As soon as humans share he/she is getting better for at least some time. Yes, their friend listened and empathized to them. But the problem unfortunately has not been solved. What to do?

If you want to speak about the problem, tell it to the one who cleans.

The one who cleans is always 100% responsible for all that is going on in him/her. If you tell him/her something then that is not in vain then you didn’t spend time for nothing. So there is a program in you that replays the situation. So the person you dying to share with is somehow a part of the problem.

Yes, we are all better to keep our mouths shut and clean, but we are people and we have this urge to talk, to communicate to others, so why not to do it with the person who cleans while you talk?

The one who talks about the problem is simply a treasure for the one who cleans! He/she gives a unique opportunity to clean and let go all what is related with that problem in you!

Who knows but maybe in the second or so both will get an Inspiration from Divinity. You get something that is perfect and right for you and your friend. It becomes a clean communication.

Thanks problems! I love you, problems! You are my blessings!

I love you!

2 thoughts on “Clean Communication

  1. Désolée pardon merci je t’aime… I am so sad sometimes, that I can’t imagine why I have attracted this person… It’s so difficult sometimes

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