childYou never know how you will react in a given situation, especially when you feel the fear permeates through your whole body and mind. The problem – it’s not a problem, and the response to the problem – that’s a problem. Fortunately, we have ho’oponopono that allows escape from what makes us one way or another to react.

Last night I woke up from my inner child crying and screaming. “Mom, Mom!” The Child clearly wanted me to wake up. I remembered I had a dream and in that dream I wanted to go back to what I saw, but felt I was pulled out from there. Well, at the moment of awakening I realized what was going on. The child was afraid of someone.

Normally, if we see a nightmare, we wake up in a cold sweat, still continuing to scroll through the terrible scenes in the first few minutes of sleep. This time, my sleep was very quiet, and when the Child woke me up, I was surprised to see that my body was permeated by fear! Fear for what? Where is it coming from? I couldn’t even imagine. I know one thing, that inner child called me to just get rid of what I had accumulated in it, in this life or in the past – the fear.

With Hooponopono, cleaning gets easier and easier to let go of the analysis of what is happening. I am still so clogged with the memories that analyzed of what happened. My conclusion has led me to believe that my child really likes cleansing. He helps me, but as Mom of my Child, this situation showed that the child must learn how to let go every time something comes to surface. You have to talk to Inner child just like you are communicating with another person. I honestly thought that I constantly taught my child hooponopono. So much to discover!

On the way to work, I talked to the Unihipily again. I told her that I’m always here. I thanked her for asking me for help and trusting that I can help to initiate the cleaning. I cared and soothed her. I told her what to do the next time if it happens to avoid a similar reaction. The child agreed and my body is “pushed“ exhale out with any remaining feelings. There was again peace and calmness.

The valuable experience was gained.

I love you!

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