careStory from Kate.

If you ask one of the mothers what is care I guess you open for yourself a whole encyclopedia with lots of rules, limits, and instructions which you are about to perform every day.

There was a period in my life when I heard discussions of women with kids on the playgrounds. I should say that there was always somebody judged for not being good at taking care of a child. If that happens then 100 advisers show up right away who knows how to do it better.

When we talk about care we often think of somebody else but not of ourselves. And we often forget that only God can provide the best care.

With  Ho’oponopono practice, I realize that there is no identical ways in upbringing, in treatment and in something else. Each of us is unique. If the baby girl Anna was born to a mother named  Helen, it means that only mother Helen can make right decisions concerning her baby. If I consider mother Helen to be wrong I can take care of myself and clean all my wrong thoughts, negative opinions and resentment. It is my memory and there is nothing to do with the mother named Helen.

Now I do my best to not give tips. Do my best but… sometimes I can hardly stop.

Anyway, I just need to know Ho’oponopono tools and initiate the cleaning process. Then the Divinity does his job and it will be right for me and for others.


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