I am confident that in very difficult situations you need to remind yourself to do the Ho’oponopono process. Otherwise, expect an avalanche of stormy emotions as anger, disappointment and resentment. And then they just stay with you forever…

An example to the above prose.

My company has moved to a new building. During the move, I was on vacation. Before my departure, I saw a new place and I knew where our office will be located.

Every employee has its cubical to create the sense of security and calmness, to be sure that no one is looking behind your shoulders and how you work. Kind of nice privacy.

I returned to the office. Of course all the good spaces were already taken. I ended up in the center of the office and completely without windows and doors. I felt (excuse my language) in the lavatory but without the walls.

Anger, resentment and despair came up inside me. Everything burned and hurt. The only thing I said to my boss is that it’s not comfortable for me to work like this. Intellectually, I realized that I missed my chance.. All the places were occupied by the directors and managers. I do not have such a position to require a place of honor. I did not need a cool office with windows from floor to ceiling. I needed just a corner with walls. I did not want to sit in the field, where everyone aims to see what I’m doing. I am a very closed person and this situation made me cry. Maybe it sounds funny now but it wasn’t back then.

Frustration came out. There was an inevitability to work in such conditions. In feeling angry I began my Ho’oponopono process. I didn’t feel gratitude, no love. Just black dusty low feelings. I began to thank my new super-duper table, new phone, desk, etc.

The sorrows started to leave me. Then I didn’t care anymore. It wasn’t important. I realize now it was important.

By the end of the day, I was announced that I will exchange seats with one director! He is rarely in the office, so he does not need walls. Hm?

Now I have a new cozy room with walls! Although, it seemed… nothing can be rectified.

That is how the process works.

Thank you!

5 thoughts on “CAN YOU IMAGINE?

  1. Fantastik… unfortunatelly when we are sad and angry, we don’t think everything is going to go well, it s hard sometimes

  2. Thank you. I also experienced this and was so frustrated I didn’t clean all the way because nothing seemed to work. Luckly I had an angel who did that for me. Her reward was getting a new cozy room with walls. I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you!!!!

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