This session is the most favorite session by Kekalike. During the session you can open a veil of the spiritual realm and “look” at situations in the area of your business. It isn’t important whether you own the business or you are a hired worker, you can always consider these following questions:

· Personality of your business
· Name of your business (correct name for your Business)
· Recommendations from your business
· Identification of the Identity of Business
· The root problem of the business
· Desires of your business
· New projects for which your business is ready
· Reason for the delays in payment, instability
· Correctness of my investment of financial resources
· Do I need to open a business?

Invisible spiritual realm is always open to give you an idea in order to avoid many difficulties in the current business projects. Creator – is your best partner, friend and adviser. No matter what you worry about, it is a part of your way which can be corrected. The session will allow you to look differently at life circumstances, difficulties, problems, and diseases. You will receive answers to continue you life filled with inspiration.

If this session is an emergency, please contact support with your registration number via the contact page. On urgent situations it is possible to connect via Whatsapp and Viber. Ho’oponopono Miracles website and Kekalike does not guarantee anyone that cleansing will lead to specific desired results of the individual. All information is given for cleaning purposes only. Kekalike uses the Ho’oponopono process from the moment of your registration, during the session and one more week after the session to cut the ties.
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Length: 20 min

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