angerI love Ho’oponopono for the fact that I don’t have to concentrate and devote certain time to it. Everything is done on the fly, on the go. You do your daily routine and repeat the tools. Despite Ho’oponopono not being about the results, I get them and they are all huge to me.

Recently, I witnessed another miracle in my life. The other day an incredible anger showed up from nowhere. My inner child reminded me to clean. I guess over the years of cleaning my inner child got these directions too many times, so when I needed a reminder, it was presented in seconds.

When we are angry we are not in love, we are not at peace.

Since we are not at peace we are ready to act upon anger and ready to crash and destroy everyone and everything that comes up. All of that are reactions to the memory that is replaying in the subconscious like a broken record. 

The trick is not to succumb to the reaction and instantly begin to clean. However, it is not so easy to do especially when you are awfully angry! Sometimes the reaction can be so severe that you have no idea what you are doing. In this state, you are acting just like a puppet in memories’ hands and you cannot stop. 

I noticed that in a state of strong anger while you are cleaning you stop to be that doll. Clarity and preciseness of the situation comes soon enough and with it comes serenity.

Anger – is a memory, a dead memory we have lived at one time or another and sponged to our subconscious. Living in the “death” is uncomfortable and disadvantageous when there is another path – the path of peace.

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