Additional gifts?While being under constant cleaning I caught myself at the realization that it is easier for me day by day to notice miracles around me. It is impossible to get used to them. The factor of unexpectedness is huge. Each time, one miracle is stronger than the other. There is the whole fascination.

Two weeks ago we bought a vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately, my husband did not like how it worked and we had to give it back. The shop took the vacuum cleaner back without any problem. After a week we found out that we forgot to return a special washing liquid that was attached to the vacuum cleaner. Being honest people, we hurried up to return the detergent to the shop.

The woman, who accepted the vacuum cleaner from us last time, met us again. There was surprise on her face. Instead of getting back the detergent from us (it can be applied with other vacuum cleaners) she surprisingly smiled, thanked us, and gave us not only the detergent itself but some couple of others!!! Very useful for domestic use and totally free of charge!

We left the shop very happy but did not understand anything. We were totally puzzled. Store gave us additional gifts? Very rare… That is what cleaning does.

I love you!

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