My name is Gulya Kekalike Polikoff. I’m the author of the “Hooponopono Miracles” website. This is my home. At this moment the site “Ho’oponopono Miracles” has become a home to thousands of practitioners.

I first heard about Ho’oponopono from the Joe Vitale interview where he talked about his yet unpublished book, “Zero Limits”. The story of the strange Doctor Hew Len seemed very intimate and familiar. Not having read the book yet, I immediately began to apply the tools and immediately felt that something was going on. This time it was not just another technique of something positive but final salvation of all my problems. There was a feeling as if the puzzle has finally gathered into a single picture.

Despite the fact that Hooponopono is not at all about the results, many miracles have entered my life and continue to this day. The most striking miracle was the realization that everything around is alive and everywhere is the Creator. When you speak with everything around you, everything around you answers.

Despite the fact that Ho’oponopono is not about the results, a lot of miracles came into my life and continues to this day. The most striking miracle was the realization that everything is alive and the Creator is in everything around us. It seemed that new dimensions opened up for me. I started to hear inanimate things and see things, beings of light, the Unihipilis of other people and many more. I know it is given to me for one reason to let go of whatever is in me and let God do whatever needs to be done.

Once I heard: “Write a blog.” “Blog? What Blog?” – I was perplexed and left this message unattended. The idea did not recede. As a result, the “Hooponopono Miracles ” blog was formed, where I began to share the practical application of Hooponopono in everyday life. Readers kept sending me emails about how simple life stories inspired them to continue to practice this amazing Hawaiian art. And this is the most important award!

Subsequently, the “Hooponopono Miracles” blog grew into the “Hooponopono Miracles” Website, where I, with the participation of Hooponopono Practitioners from around the world, support the constant cleansing of destructive memories.

Thank you for coming and enjoy the cleaning!



Education, titles, projects:

  • Two master degrees: Master in Psychology, Russia; MBA, USA
  • Instructor and coordinator of Ho’oponopono SITH classes: Former Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Israel, New Hampshire (USA), Greece
  • International School of Clairvoyance, USA
  • International School of  Business Management, Russia
  • Channeling courses, USA.
  • School of Mystical Arts by James Van Praah
  • Webinar host including MsKr Conversations with Kamaile Rafaelovich and Ihaleakala Hew Len (in English and Russian)
  • Book translator about Ho’oponopono: Dewdrops of Wisdonm, by Morrnah Simeona; Seasons of the Mind, by Morrnah Simeona, Blue Ice series by Kamaile Rafaelovich and Ihaleakala Hew Len, Morrnah in the Mainland, by Constance Webber.
  • Author of the book “Unihipily through my eyes”
  • Creator оf “Hooponopono Miracles ” (Russian, Bulgarian, Hebrew, English)
  • Conducting spiritual sessions using natural abilities of clairvoyance, clairaudience, medium