How long does the Session last?

Session lasts 30 minutes.


How to arrange the date and time of the Session?

After your registration, the Support contacts you, offering the date and time of the Session.


I reserved was appointed a date for the session, but I do not have the opportunity to be on the session that day.

The date can be changed for your convenience. Please contact Support at least 24 hours in advance.


I missed my time for meeting. What should I do?

Sessions cannot be rescheduled when missed. If you cannot be on the session, you must contact and let us know at least 24 hours in advance.


How long should I wait for the meeting after registration?

On average, due to the busy schedule, waiting for a session date can take several weeks or longer. If an opportunity opens up sooner, we will contact you. If all parties agree, the date of the session would be changed.


Session – is a communication with a Spirit World. What is the Spirit World?

The Spirit World is something that cannot be seen by ordinary vision. This is Unihipily, Angels, Spirits and other inhabitants, and also memories of certain life situations, which are stuck in Unihipily from past incarnations.


What is necessary for the Session?

You will need a computer with either Skype, WhatsApp or Viber. It is desirable to have a headset. If you need translation to Hebrew, then the meeting will be held through Skype only.


Could I ask interesting questions?

Of course, yes!


I’m worried that I will have many questions, and I will not manage to ask all of them.

Remember that namely your invisible spiritual team leads you to the Session. They know what exactly to give you! They know what you are worried about, so they guide Kekaulike to the right route in order to understand the necessary message. We know from our experience that usually everyone has time to ask everything!


Who conducts Sessions?

Sessions are conducted by Kekaulike.

“I use these abilities within Ho’oponopono to identify, perhaps, the hidden motives of memories, which scroll in our subconscious. I do not do it alone. I am helped by Spiritual Mentors, Angels, Creator and Unihipily. I am just a channel for a transmission. I just listen to and translate into your language. In other words, I work as a translator of Creator.


I have never been on a Session and I want to participate in everything at once.

At first we recommend to register for one. Only after cleansing you will receive the necessary inspiration from Creator for subsequent Sessions. In the case of payment in advance for several sessions, make sure that all Sessionss will be included into Kekaulike’s schedule during the calendar year of payment. In the case of absence of your Session in the schedule until the end of the calendar year, the registration is canceled.


I want to participate in several Sessions at once. Can they be organized successively?

No. The energy of each Session is very different. For each person and for Session. Certain time between is necessary for cleansing. Therefore, we appoint Session on different days.


I really want to participate in Session, but I am afraid to hear about things that I will suffer from.

Creator provides the person only that information, on which the person needs to pay attention, to cleanse and move to the next stage of development. Usually, messages are given in a constructive way. You choose.


What should I expect from the Session?

The positive rise, calmness and clarity in your situation. Creator knows how to direct. We know from experience that Session has helped hundreds of people to change the course for better life and change life to go hand in hand with Creator.


Why should I come to Session?

You do not have to. Listen to your Heart. This is a voluntary decision. However, if you want to consciously help yourself to understand some aspects of your life and discover what is necessary to include in cleansing, learn about your invisible helpers and Unihipily – you are welcome to attend!

 “I appreciate the trust to translate you information from Creator. I am happy to be Your translator of the Spirit plan and serve Creator and you. Thank you for the chance to cleanse common memories!

I wish you Peace and Miracles beyond your comprehension. “