Сleaning Tomorrow’s DayMany beginners in Ho’oponopono, in my opinion, make a big mistake by separating the Ho’oponopono process from daily life and routine. I’ve heard people surprisingly ask: “Well, all I have to do is to clean the memories replaying the money issues and that is it?”  But, I have to live, feed my kids, and pay the bills.

Absolutely! We are not amoebas. We are real people and we have an obligation, a job, people to care about.

But! We can clean tomorrow’s day and clean with “I know what will happen tomorrow” and “I have no idea what will happen tomorrow” – everything will go much easier. By removing blockages in our subconscious regarding tomorrow, we give to the Creator a green light to guide and inspire us to what we need to do tomorrow, to make important contacts, to earn money, and perhaps to feed your kids with the right and healthy food.

To do tomorrow – right actions that can easily lead you to the very best outcome. Earn money that comes from the ideal and the proper source of income. To make important contacts with the right people, and thus the right words will come out of you from your heart without any effort. You say exactly what you need to say to make a deal.

The words above aren’t just words. These are real things that I see happening in my life and lives of people who do the Ho’oponopono cleaning. These aren’t dreams. This is my reality that God creates for me because I am willing to clean.

Thank you!

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