Life is unpredictable and we never know when that very turning moment will come, which hints to us one more time – “CARE when you have!”. Unfortunately, people are designed in such a way that the value of this phrase they understand only when losing something, especially someone.

Fear, pain and resentment – these are the feelings that occur in each situation. At the same time, many inner questions flow: “But why is it so?!”, “Why did it happen?”, “Is this happening to me?” I do not understand …”

And all this is our reaction to what is happening around us! There are a great amount of memories inside of us!

According to spiritual teachings, there is nothing bad or good in the world. Man is created as perfect and ideal in every sense. We have love inside us and threre is nothing except it. However, something wrong happened and mechanisms that block the emergence and accumulation of programs responsible for the self-love and love of others begin to disfunction. Fear and resentment replaces the love. As an eclipse …

Recent time I see two ho’oponopono cleaning tools here and there. There is a feeling like something yells loudly at you.

When I looked at my cheat sheet to find out what those tools work with, I felt scared. They prevent sudden, untimely death…

Yesterday, for example, I received unpleasant news. An accident…

Besides, I noticed that people began to write a lot of emails with requests to clean with such stuff. Yes, of course, I clean. I appreciate and thank you for giving me the opportunity to cleanse myself. Everything that erases from me, is erased from you and vice versa. Therefore, I appeal to all – you also clean!

Since, the impulse to share occurs, knowingly or unknowingly, you realize that this is our shared memories, which requires our attention. You are guided by God. Otherwise, you would close and wouldn`t write. Thank you for this!

I love you! Thank you! Take good care!

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