Mom, I Talked To God Today!

Mom, I Talked To God Today!This lovely story from Kate.

The phone rang. I took the call and heard the enthusiastic voice of my son on the phone: “Mom, I talked to God Today!”

I raised my hand to my chin instinctively to keep my opening mouth to not fall off. My son continued: “You cannot believe me! But that’s the truth! I saw him with my eyes and even talked to…”

At that moment I was in the supermarket. It was so noisy there so we had to put off our conversation. Oh! That household routine, sudden fatigue… And we continued this amazing conversation with my son only on the next day.

–  Mom, it was God! I know it for sure! I felt!

–  My dear son, how it could be possible?

–  He wore usual clothes. But he had such a face! He had such a beard! He had such hair! He told me so many things! He is a bus driver…  

After all I had my mouth opened.

–  Mom, I told him that I would love to be an inventor and make my name famous. He praised me but explained that the purpose to make my name famous was good of course but old. He said that I should found myself and develop my ability. I should also exercise my physical body and take care of it in order to live without disease.

I couldn’t keep silent anymore.

– Wait for a moment. Did you talk to the bus driver?!

–  Well, I often talk to the drivers. They are interesting and kind people.

I had nothing to say anymore. I listened to and absorbed with every cell of my body what my son said. I saw that this God-driver inspired in my boy an interest to self-knowledge and a wish to work on himself.

We never know when and through whom God is talking to us. But today, unconsciously, my son was God for me.Did you talk to God today?




careStory from Kate.

If you ask one of the mothers what is care I guess you open for yourself a whole encyclopedia with lots of rules, limits, and instructions which you are about to perform every day.

There was a period in my life when I heard discussions of women with kids on the playgrounds. I should say that there was always somebody judged for not being good at taking care of a child. If that happens then 100 advisers show up right away who knows how to do it better.

When we talk about care we often think of somebody else but not of ourselves. And we often forget that only God can provide the best care.

With  Ho’oponopono practice, I realize that there is no identical ways in upbringing, in treatment and in something else. Each of us is unique. If the baby girl Anna was born to a mother named  Helen, it means that only mother Helen can make right decisions concerning her baby. If I consider mother Helen to be wrong I can take care of myself and clean all my wrong thoughts, negative opinions and resentment. It is my memory and there is nothing to do with the mother named Helen.

Now I do my best to not give tips. Do my best but… sometimes I can hardly stop.

Anyway, I just need to know Ho’oponopono tools and initiate the cleaning process. Then the Divinity does his job and it will be right for me and for others.



fountainThe story from my ho’oponopono friend Julia:

–        Mom, Mom, a fountain! Look! – I heard the joyful voice of my daughter from her bedroom.

–          Well, a fountain – I said and continued searching the Internet indifferently.

–         But Mom, it is a fountain… they turned on the fountain there… Look away! – my daughter couldn’t calm down.

–         Well, – I came up to the window – Oh, fountain… Haven’t you seen fountains? – I shrugged and moved on.

–         Mom, we should go to have a look at the fountain immediately!

–         What are you talking about? I have a lot of things to do. We will look at it in the evening.

–         Oh, how come. Let’s go right now! – my daughter pursed her lips and cried.

Here we go… start crying of the fountain that we should go and look at immediately…

–         Ok. Get dressed, let’s go and look your fountain.

Daughter got dressed in no time with joy and we went outside. Once we came up to the fountain she began happily to jump around it.

I took a seat on the bench near the fountain and started looking at it. Suddenly, it came to me in a flash: “Oh, this is a FOUNTAIN! The water! The source of life! The source of strength  and energy!” At that it was an alive source of energy as well as everything in Ho’oponopono. I wish I always keep it in my mind!

Looking at the fountain with admiration I started to talk: “Dear Fountain! You are so beautiful, strong and powerful. How much energy you have. You aren’t afraid of anything… not like someone… I admire you!”

Suddenly, the water jet turned towards me and began to spray its streams to me playfully. I felt joy. It was a miracle! Because it was not a fountain rotating on its axis but it turned to me. I put my hand under the water stream. It kindly responded with splashes.

–     You are amazing! How much life is in you!

For a moment, I felt like a small child who just discovered the secret of the world, a child who knew no fears and limitations. With inspiration and a cheerful mood I backed home.

Nevertheless, with Ho’oponopono coming in my life such “fountains” are not rare. The miracles happened spontaneously and unexpectedly. They inspire me and give the feeling of freedom and happiness.

They didn’t turn on that fountain any more. My far-seeing daughter knew that if she didn’t look at the fountain that very  moment, there might not be the next one…

To Tell About Hooponopono To My Son

To Tell About Hooponopono To My SonThis story from Kate. Enjoy!

I was so afraid to tell about Ho’oponopono to my son. I don’t really know why? Of course, the programs whispered some variants of versions-explanations to me. But I was not going to be led by programs and was cleaning. I was cleaning and letting go expectations of all possible variants of our conversation.

I received bad news about a sudden deterioration of my grandmother’s health. I told my son about it and asked him to say “I love you, Grandma” many times in his mind. Without any questions, my son agreed to do it and immediately began to say this magic phrase aloud.

The dialogue in my head began like this: “Why didn’t he ask questions? Why? How can it help? He is usually very curious!”.

My mind often pushes me to understand everything, to analyze. This time I expreinced just that. Instead of trusting and to being happy to take it, I finally asked:

– Albert, do you know why it is necessary to say “I love you, Grandma?”

– Yes, Mommy.

I was almost choked with excitement.

– Tell me, what is it for?

– Well, how would it be better to say … When I say “I love you, my Grandma,” my grandmother receives good and positive energy that cures her.

Hm.. I realised my fear crashed to many small pieces. He told me that I thought I would give him.

Now, when I am talking about cleansing to my son, he perceives information easily as if he always knew about it.


Juguetes Agradecidos

Grateful ToysNuestros queridos hijos! Nos gusta mimarlos. A medida que se presenta la oportunidad, muchos padres compran algo interesante y divertido con el fin de ver una vez más chispas en los ojos  de un niño. No podemos prescindir de dinero para nuestros hijos queridos.

A menudo, otro juguete hace que se olvide de la anterior. Y, al final, la casa se convierte en una carga de juguetes no reclamados. A veces, apenas se piensa en dónde esconder a todos. Bueno, es lindo regalar el exceso de juguetes a manos de otros niños. ¿Qué ocurre si simplemente los desechamos?

Todo tiene su propia familia interior, sus opiniones, su voz. Los juguetes no son la excepción.

Con la llegada de Ho'oponopono a mi vida, he estado observando con mucho cuidado cómo mi pequeña hija trata a sus juguetes. Mi hija les presta tanta atención, les da tanto amor y calidez de modo que cuando yo los sostengo, siento una vibración placentera que sale de ellos – Gratitud.

Todavía tenemos los juguetes donados por nuestros amigos. Algunos son de mi hijo mayor. A fin de que los juguetes sean amados y llamen la atención de nuestros hijos, los roto: escondo la mitad de ellos y dejo la otra mitad. Después de un tiempo, los vuelvo a rotar. Cuando mi hija pierde el interés completo en el juguete, doy ese juguete a un nuevo pequeño propietario.

Recientemente, tenía muchas ganas de hacerle un regalo a mi Unihipili. Él pidió el osito polar. Probamos un montón de osos en las tiendas, pero no nos sentimos como que era el indicado. Cuando ya no estás buscando algo, ocurre un milagro. Vi el oso de peluche en la sección de ropa de cama de mi tienda local. Era blanco e increíblemente encantador.

Mi hija lo quería mucho. Era tan suave y agradable al tacto. Simplemente no quería soltarlo. Lo llamamos Nana. Ahora, este pequeño oso de peluche me recuerda que mi niño interior está conmigo y que necesita atención y cuidado constante. Mucho amor ahora se da a Nana también.

Es muy importante para mí tener el amor y la energía de gratitud en mi casa. Por eso trato de prestar atención no sólo a los miembros de mi familia, sino también a todo lo que nos rodea.

La paz de "YO"


Los Niños Se Vuelven Más Felices

Enojado con tu niño? Memorias de violencia? Limpia. Limpia. Limpia ….. Sin parar.


Los Niños Se Vuelven Más Felices

Children Become HappierTuve una segunda hija y felizmente se llevó todas las preocupaciones. Mis parientes y abuelos viven en otra ciudad, pero la fatiga de mi madre no era una carga para mí. Yo hábilmente manejé todo. Yo estaba esperando a mi hija nacer por lo que nada podía molestarme ni me era difícil. A pesar que …

Los niños crecen muy rápido. Un día me pasa una situación cuando mi niña golpea algo pesado en el espejo grande. Empecé a explicarle, que eso está mal. Pero mi hija golpeaba aún más fuerte! El siguiente momento lo único que recuerdo es que tomé un cepillo de masaje y la movió hacia fuera lejos del espejo. En un segundo mi niña tomó un peine y me golpeó tan fuerte como pudo!

Pensé … O más bien recordé que los niños son nuestra imagen en el espejo. Empecé a notar que experimento cada vez más padres, gritando y golpeando a sus hijos! En esos momentos, es difícil no juzgar! Su alma llora.

Hay tantos libros sobre la crianza de los hijos. Muchos de ellos hablan de lo que puede y no puede hacer. En la vida cotidiana a menudo nos pronunciamos palabras a un niño sobre lo que sucedería si el niño va a hacer algo malo. Nos ponemos en la cabeza que si no se hace algo fuera de control de los padres, entonces es un acto de desobediencia: "Si no dejas de disfrutar, te castigan!" La mayoría de los padres reconocen que el acto está mal y que no pueden ayudarse a sí mismos.

Y yo soy un pecador en tales acciones. Corrí el programa, porque mis padres usaron estos métodos de educación. Además, ahora sé que no hay nadie a quien culpar por eso. La violencia engendra sólo la violencia. Una gran necesidad de limpiar!

Estoy más activo en la tala de todos los recuerdos de violencia, la ira y la agresión contra los niños.

Tan pronto como veo a alguien está con ganas de golpear a su hijo por su mal comportamiento, entiendo la memoria de información sobre esta situación. Inmediatamente me pongo a trabajar en mi mismo. "Lo que está en mí que me hace sentir dolor emocional cuando veo la ira de la mujer o el hombre con el niño? Soy 100 por ciento responsables de esta situación! Estoy muy, muy triste! Por favor, perdóname! Gracias te amo … "Incluso un golpe de aspecto luz que veo como una oportunidad para borrar.

Ahora veo este tipo de situaciones desagradables en raras ocasiones. Y eso para mí es un resultado maravilloso!

Estoy feliz de darme cuenta de que mientras limpio, el Creador borra el programa no sólo dentro de mí, sino también en los que me rodean, y los niños se convierten en más felices a mi alrededor.

¡Te amo!


There Is No Such a Thing as Other People’s Children


The Prayer from the Mouth of Kid

Dear Friends!

You are welcome to be  part of our Ho'oponopono Kid's Playground. You can send us  your interesting stories about kids, photos, short videos, kid's pictures, children’s  stories  via mail: They are going to show up right here at Ho’oponopono Miracles… Remember! Cleaning is the way to zero. Make life of our children cleaner!

Here is the first contribution from Kekaulike. She gets lot of emails from Happy Parents who practice Hooponopono and some kids even went to SITH class and do the cleaning themselves! 

She writes: «Ho’oponopono for adults and for kids as well. Why I am saying that? I was convinced by a little girl who after attending the Ho’oponopono SITH Class in Moscow asked her Mom to send me her inspired recording of Morrnah's prayer "The Peace of I" . The prayer from the mouth of kid brings joyful tears and warmth in the soul».

Dear adults! Please support the child with your comment. Each comment is your applause to Divine in child. I asked her mother to show each comment to her daughter. The prayer is in Russian. Listen to it with your open heart. 

I wish you peace and miracles beyond all understanding. 

Do Everything Correctly


If you are not sure yet what Ho’oponopono practice is dealing with I have a nice example of how it works in all areas of our lives.

As I mentioned in the article "Mother's Love" Kate has a very interesting experience in cleaning with kids. 

Here is her story:

 Do Everything Correctly

сделать все правильноWhen my daughter was one and a half years old she couldn't yet walk. She wasn't able to. She couldn't find her feet. Doctors never saw a problem with my daughter before, suddenly she was diagnosed with encephalopathy.

By that time, I've already read Joe Vitale's book “Zero limits” and started to practice Ho’oponopono.

Through Juliya, I've made some friends who helped me with cleaning my toxic memories. I was upset. I constantly felt the pressure in my heart and my eyes were full of tears.

Soon on the Russian website “Hooponopono Miracles” Kekaulike started personal readings for people. And I, without a moment's hesitation, took advantage of this chance. It turned out that Kekaulike does not only listen to messages of the divine spiritual world, she constantly cleaned, browsed the situation in dynamics and described what she saw. The most important part of my problem was my crying Unihipili. He needed love and care. Unihipili keeps all of our memories. And if Unihipili doesn't let go of memories, they won't go away.

During my personal reading my Inner child – Unihipili calmed down. I would never forget moments of his tenderness and love to me!

For the first time in my life, I had a strong desire to write a letter to the woman I have been in a conflict with for many years. I wrote I forgave her for what happened between us, and I am truly sorry." The response to the letter came with Peace the same evening. In an hour my daughter made her first independent steps!  

The pressure in my chest disappeared but tears poured out of me. I cried again, but with joyful feelings sweeping over me. We are great friends with that woman now and she also cleans. At this moment my daughter is running all over the room.

Thank you!



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