What a Cleaning!

what a cleaningSometimes when you do your cleaning you are so enthusiastic about life. But there are time when your enthusiasm and wantings drops down. I am talking about the times when you feel sick and broke. It is so hard to focus on cleaning. You understand your memories are much stronger than you are.  You want only one thing – to get well as soon as possible. That is it. In this case the are numbers of ho’oponopono cleaning tools exist such as Blue Solar Water, Ceeports.

I have quite a few friends who clean. I always say if there is a problem it is better to tell somebody who cleans.  At least my wining and crying will be in the process of cleaning and erasing the memories in me rather than to stay on the “talk” level and situation would stay the same.

One day I felt deeply offended.  I felt I just want to stay in my reaction and replayed it over and over again. It was very painful but it was my way to punish myself.  I was a while in my thoughts expressing my unpleasant feelings towards myself until the phone ring. It was my ho’oponopono friend. She said she was experiencing the digestion issues for several days.

Even though it was a not the best news I pulled myself together and took 100% responsibility for the situation I was experiencing in me. I began my: “I love you my memories that make me to experience situation like digestion issues with my friend. I love you! I love you!”

I didn’t know how long I did my cleaning. I just know that I got a message from my friend: “Good cleaning! I don’t have pain anymore. You know I feel many things are gone! I am fine!”

Hm.. Wonderful! I have no idea what went away from me at the same time but realized that my deep offence has gone too! It didn’t bug me anymore! What a great cleaning! Whatever erased from me got erased from her and it seemed that both my offence and her digestive sickens were somehow connected.

In addition my daughter run up to me all happy. She had stomach issues and was able to go to the bathroom too! At that very moment I understood how much I stuck in my memories of non – acceptance of a person, offence on that person that somehow led to issues in other lives.

Thank you Divinity! Thank you my memory of resentment and offences that came up to surface! Thank you my friend who made me to pay attention to memories I need to let go.

Thank you!


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