There Is No Such a Thing as Other People’s Children


Kate as always about practical use of ho’oponopno with children….


There Is No Such a Thing as Other People’s Children.

There Is No Such a Thing as Other People’s ChildrenMy mother is a primary school teacher. It is said about people like her:

A teacher from God. And that is true.

My mother has three children, but she used to say that she has 33 children and 30 of them are her students. I remember my mom sitting on the sofa, reading exercise books in the evenings. Surrounding her, three of us shared impressions about the past day. I’m still wondering how she could manage doing all of these things:  preparing lessons, listening to each of us, and even being indulgent to our adolescence shenanigans.

The interesting thing is she was able to pay attention and spend time with each student in the class. The problems of each of them became her own. The children, of course, love their teacher and show their maximum capacity (in learning).

It was my mother who taught me, that there was no such a thing as other people’s children. But indeed I realized it, when I started practicing Ho'oponopono. Realizing that we all are connected by invisible threads has arrived- anyone we meet on our way, is not by accident. Before that I just tried to ignore complaining to people, but now everything is different.

For example, a woman complains to me about her child’s health problems, here is an inner filling: "I can’t cope! I feel that you can help me!  We are the Family ". And the programs that we share are common!  If I hear something about any problem, it concerns me, first of all!

Just two years ago, doctors have  diagnosed my friend and her daughter with the severe cardiovascular disease. 10-year-old Sophie was into sports that time. She had a lot of medals. And then, suddenly, in April of this year she was prohibited even to be engaged in simple PE activities. To say that all were frustrated is to say nothing. The girl's parents were in despair.

The young sports girl’s mother and I began to do Hooponopono.

We were cleaning ourselves not only from the disease, but from all the feelings concerning this situation. After four months they removed not only Sophie’s diagnosis but her mother’s as well! We were so happy!

Sophie received another medal in September! Congratulations to all of us!

We are the Family!


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