Teach Me to What You Do!

teach me to what you doWe were looking for a new apartment for rent for a long time. With cleaning time boundaries stop existing and you get what you need in the right time in the right place. So we happened to find a wonderful apartment for a nice price. To be more exact, this apartment came to our life. It was spacious, light, with big windows and modern furniture. It seemed that the apartment was quite friendly to us…

The room that was supposed to be a bedroom for our daughter didn’t look like it was for a child. More than a half of the room was majestically occupied by a large black marble bed. Elegant of course… but not for a 7 years old girl!

I asked our landlady to replace the bed. The landlady was happy to take away her marble bed and brought us a small one made of wood. That bed didn’t look good in this apartment with luxurious furniture. So what? We have more room for playing.

I suppose our apartment was watching us what else we can change. Of course it didn’t occur to us to ask the apartment for permission to change the bed.

A few days later the window in the daughter’s bedroom was broken. What was the reason for it? It just broke into small pieces.

We should have the new window fixed. While the workers did their job I did mine. Besides I washed and cleaned the room for several days I got a chance to say to my apartment I am sorry, Please forgive me for however I offended you.

I couldn’t even guess that our apartment had a reason to get angry with us. Small bugs that spread all over the apartment in mysterious ways helped us to learn what happened.

After a while me and my daughter went to see my parents for a month. My husband was “lucky” to deal with those uninvited guests. He had to throw a lot of products as there was no sense to save them. Bugs attacked all the  food stocks and were not going to leave our home. My husband kept washing the kitchen and throwing food … washing and throwing till one night he couldn’t stand this anymore and asked: "Well, how long it could be going like this?!"

-Why did you start to make changes, did I ask you? – the apartment started to communicate.

-What did we do wrong? Bed …Sure… So did it all happened because of bed? – My husband was too much astonished.

-And what do you want? – he asked.

-Well, teach me to what you do! – apartment responded in a strict voice. Of course it meant Ho’oponopono.

-Here we go… I should teach the work and everything around me… you also want me to teach you – kept on grumbling my husband. He was tired after working day and needed rest.

But how he could dare to say no to apartment. Ok… Lets learn. And he told apartment about Ho’oponopono on the base of his own experience.

What happened next? Unbelievable, but the bugs disappeared in the same mysterious way as well as they came into our apartment. The apartment promised that there would be no bugs anymore and kept his word.

Thank you!

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