Sick "Love"

sick loveLove is different: love for children, for parents, for a man, for a woman, love for the job. Love for a man or for a woman often brings much pain.

There two people live. They seem to love each other. And in fact, they are united by passion, by hatred, or by an ordinary attachment.

The attachment looks like tentacles – hooks that catch on the energy of another person, and stretch from one life to another. In this case, there is no freedom for anybody. Such relationships are often painful and choking both partners.There is nothing you can do about it.

The program tells you what to do in any given moment. You do not belong to yourself. You do not know who you are.

Where is this attachment came from and when it occurs? It is possible that from the past life… Only the Creator knows that. But, suddenly, one day you meet a person in this life. You feel a strong pull to him. It cannot be logically explained. In fact, it is a signal and the opportunity to get free once and for all by practicing  Ho'oponopono. Only then true love will rush over and painful "shoots" will disappear.The Creator removes all the garbage that you have done.

As long as tentacles-hooks are not uncoupled between people, the drama continues to rage in your soul. It is up to you to decide whether to keep the relationship as they are or let go and stop worrying about your future.

Of course, we are human beings. We want to oversee the situations ourselves instead of the Creator. Why? Because we forget that He is here.

It's time to stop worrying  that everything is not going on the way you want. Be a small child, the Creator is taking care of you. I agree, to do in such a way is not an easy thing. But if you practice Ho'oponopono  you are under protection. Relax. Everything is all right.

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