Peace Begins With Me

peace beginsSeveral years ago when I just started my Ho’oponopono journey I took part  in online meeting dedicated  to Ho’oponopono practice. I remember  one question from the lady. She asked how to get the inner  peace .

«Hm, what a weird question?!» – I thought at that very moment.  I came to this meeting  to ask why  I have not enough money  to  pay for my daughter’s  daycare. I wanted to ask why do I always have problems in the relationship with  my husband. Besides that I had too many “whys” to ask.  There is nothing to do with my inner peace! I wanted wealth  for my family and peace with husband!

Ihaleakala Hew Len used to say that Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona had a plate on her desk that said “Peace Begins With Me”. It took me some years of practicing Ho’oponopono to realize that peace in the family  BEGINS WITH ME .

For a long time  I wanted  for peace to begin with my husband and  thought: «When he would understand he is wrong , when he would calm down  and then the problem would be fixed». I wanted  for peace to begin with my child: «When she would hear  me, then the problem would be over and done». I wanted wealth for my family to begin with money also by thinking that when I would have enough money then some magic would happen with my life.

How my life would change if everybody around me obeyed me and didn’t disturb my world in any way? Would it make me happy, more confident and wealthy? I got puzzled even more: would I do ho’oponopono for the sake of my inner peace?

Thanks to my memories that stored inside me I realized that whatever I see is a reflection of my inner world and thus I see it as certain behavior of my family. Only memories aren’t giving me the peace of mind. In a good way they gave me the opportunity to erase them from me. I would do it only for one thing – Peace: the Peace of my Soul, the Peace of my Family, people around me and finally the Peace in the World.

Peace begins with me!

I am way too far from stopping to give my opinions or pointing to the people’s mistakes. I still need to learn to stop to direct my daughter because I think I know better. No wonder she always gives me her look with “Mama, Divinity designed me that way. Sorry!” How would I object that?

Peace begins with me!

I am still on my journey of cleaning, releasing to the Light.

I am here to change myself so I would finally know thyself. If I designed in exact likeness of Divinity then I should not have to repeat my mistakes and just to be the Light.

I have to know myself and finally to know the Peace of I.

Morrnah's prayer

The Peace Of "I"

Peace be with you, All My Peace,

The Peace that is "I", the Peace that is "I am".

The Peace for always, now and forever and evermore.

My Peace "I" give to you, My Peace "I" leave with you

Not the world's Peace, but, only My Peace,

The Peace of "I".





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