MsKr Show: Love to Yourself

Dearest Friends!

MsKr shows started in 2008 with Kamaile and Ihaleakala. They are wonderful shows to attend and the cleaning is amazing process of releasing the memories. Usually during the shows you can see how new Ho'oponopono Tools shows up for particular situation. I recommend to visit!


Topic: Love to Yourself

If we experience dissatisfaction it means there is not enough love in us. We try to attract love to our life and thus we try to solve our problem. We don't realize that Divine tools of the problem solving process is already in us.

In this show we are going to learn how ho'oponopono can open up the hidden reserves of love that increase our self confidence, self-esteem, increase our income and fix our health issues. We are going to ask Kamaile if there is a universal tool for quick achievement of self love.


Date: May5, 2016

Time: 9PM Moscow time = 1 pm EST = 10 am PST = 8 am HST


Presenters: Kamailelauli Rafaelovich, LMT, MBA


Host: Gulya Kekaulike Polikoff

Special Guests: Constance ZHoku=Pana Webber, Mary Koehler, Loke Freedman, JoAnn Kailikea, Keala Rafalovich


You can send your question for the show to Kamailelauli Rafaelovich


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    • Ashok on September 21, 2017 at 11:05 pm
    • Reply

    I am from india.
    Can yo teach ho oponopono thru web media
    please give details

    1. Dear Ashok,

      Thank you for the question and opportunity to clean. Yes sometimes IZI have online classes. Please look at schedule around the world and see if there is online class

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