Mother's Love


Please welcome my friend and Ho’oponopono practitioner Kate. Ho’oponopono became a meaning of life to her.

 «I won’t  forget those first tremulous feeling of oneness with your  Inner Child – Unihipili», – said Kate. It was that exact moment in her life when a flood of miracles presented itself».

Kate is very lovely, warm-hearted  person and a wonderful mother of four. Thanks to Ho’oponopono:

  • her daughter’s serious health problems went away.
  • period of misunderstanding and constant dissatisfaction between her son and her finally came to the end.

Of course, the difficulty of raising children has not disappeared completely, but  they are only opportunities and a reason to clean for her.

It’s so nice of  her to let me share stories of her experience with Ho'oponopono practice in dealing with children. I am sure her magnificent stories will find a place in your hearts as in mine for they are full of Love and Divine Inspiration.


Mother’s Love

9When I look into my daughter’s eyes I see the whole world in them. When I make her hair  I enjoy the silkiness of  each strand.  I plait in protection that God gave  to all mothers. When my daughter is not with me I am sure she is safe under the protection of God.

When she  takes  my hand Love penetrates  my body. I catch her each  word, sight, movement, her smile.  She gives me a kiss and I get wings at that very moment. She laughs and I cry with happy tears.

Mother’s love can experience every mother. Just keep in mind  that we have the child within us – our  Inner Child, the most important part of us!

How painful to see neglected children… We often forget that our Inner Child always needs our kind and gentle words of love. Our  Inner Child as nobody else needs our protection. He is constantly under the attack of memories! The Inner Child doesn’t know how to deal with memories until you – his mother would teach him patiently  how to release those memories.

Hooponopono is about cleaning. The most powerful cleaning happens when I am in constant connection with my Inner Child. My Unihipili often strokes  my hair and I begin to feel him more often. I talk to him, hug him mentally, ask him to join me and my daughter when we sculpting, drawing, dancing, playing… With each moment I fall in love with him even more.

Fondness and Reverence that seized me in my relationship with kids I pass on to the earth and to the Universe. In those very moments I believe in Miracles because the main Miracle is Mother’s Love I experience right now.

God shows me through communication with children how to Love Unconditionally. This feeling I want to bring throughout  all my life projecting such Love to each and every creature of the Planet.

I love you!


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