Child. Fear. Scary Tale

childYou never know how you will react in a given situation, especially when you feel the fear permeates through your whole body and mind. The problem – it’s not a problem, and the response to the problem – that’s a problem. Fortunately, we have ho’oponopono that allows escape from what makes us one way or another to react.

Last night I woke up from my inner child crying and screaming. “Mom, Mom!” The Child clearly wanted me to wake up. I remembered I had a dream and in that dream I wanted to go back to what I saw, but felt I was pulled out from there. Well, at the moment of awakening I realized what was going on. The child was afraid of someone.

Normally, if we see a nightmare, we wake up in a cold sweat, still continuing to scroll through the terrible scenes in the first few minutes of sleep. This time, my sleep was very quiet, and when the Child woke me up, I was surprised to see that my body was permeated by fear! Fear for what? Where is it coming from? I couldn’t even imagine. I know one thing, that inner child called me to just get rid of what I had accumulated in it, in this life or in the past – the fear.

With Hooponopono, cleaning gets easier and easier to let go of the analysis of what is happening. I am still so clogged with the memories that analyzed of what happened. My conclusion has led me to believe that my child really likes cleansing. He helps me, but as Mom of my Child, this situation showed that the child must learn how to let go every time something comes to surface. You have to talk to Inner child just like you are communicating with another person. I honestly thought that I constantly taught my child hooponopono. So much to discover!

On the way to work, I talked to the Unihipily again. I told her that I’m always here. I thanked her for asking me for help and trusting that I can help to initiate the cleaning. I cared and soothed her. I told her what to do the next time if it happens to avoid a similar reaction. The child agreed and my body is “pushed“ exhale out with any remaining feelings. There was again peace and calmness.

The valuable experience was gained.

I love you!


“What happens around happens in you” – repeats Doctor Hew Len. –  “There is nothing outside of yourself. Our reactions are the scariest enemies of us.”

At the very beginning of my Ho’oponopono path I did not suspect that it might work so quick and effectively.

One of my husband’s friends, who strongly offended me once, visited one night at our place. I didn’t want to be in the presence of that person. I wasn’t comfortable. I found an excuse to go for the groceries and rushed out of the house as fast as possible. I was afraid that my offence would speak out and would painfully hit my offender. I did not want to let this happen and did what I thought would be best – leave.

I spend nearly an hour at the store. Within an hour I was constantly repeating “I love you. Please forgive me”. The story of how he offended me was playing in my head over and over again. “I love you my offence”. In my mind I wanted to yell at my offender and just put him down. How bad I wanted to make him feel bad but kept yelling instead “I love you” with anger. If I would follow the old way of doing things I am sure I would get into a similar situation when someone would be offending me again. At the end those are only memories and how hard it is to remind myself in the midst of anger.

I was done with shopping and had to get home. I couldn’t avoid that person my whole life. I love you, I love you, I love you I repeated with each of my steps.

I came home. I saw the person. I didn’t believe myself. I didn’t feel a thing! Offence vanished. Offender didn’t look like offender to me. Pleasant person and nothing more! My mood got better and I invited everyone to drink tea with apple pie.

Divine creator not only prevented me from creating an uncomfortable situation but erased it from me. What a gift!

It was strange to feel that the emotion I hung onto for some time wasn’t even there. I remembered the situation but didn’t remember the anger about it.

We react to the memories of offence in us. The human who has offended you is perfect and ideal. He has nothing to do with the situation.

Stay cool. I love you!

Edible cleaning tool: Eat Yourself

edible cleaning tool

Story from Incha.

It has been a month since I have returned from the Moscow seminar dedicated to Self I-Dentity Through Ho’oponopono. What did I learn this time? The main message for me was the 100% responsibility idea for all the events in my life.

During the class, participants often raised the question: “Can I teach my patients, children and other family members to the process?”  I thought how we by habit want to throw off the responsibility from our shoulder and pass it on to others.

I did exactly the same. I used one edible cleaning tool that worked on relationships. After I finished, I caught myself dreaming that it would be great if this tool would be eaten by my son and his girlfriend. Once in a while, I had a cold misunderstanding between me and them. Ah, if only my dream came true..

I even started to think over how to present to them this edible cleaning tool, so that they would not just try it once but would be eating it as needed.

Then suddenly something pushed me! If I heard about the problems of children – this was only my memory projected to me! This was my memory! So why did I want to throw a solution of this situation on the children? Maybe in their world it is not a problem at all! “Eat yourself” – I said to myself and finished up eating my cleaning tool.

Everything begins with me. Peace begins with me. I am like the first bone in the dominoes chain. If I fall down, the rest will fall down. If I clean up, it will clear up from all others.

Here is the story that Ihaleakala Hew Len told in the audio book “Zero Limits” that inspires me and that puts things right.

“There was a young man in Hawaii who had a very difficult time. His mother said that people didn’t like him, he was not doing well at school… The mother asked how to help him. I had to remind her: You’ll not help him. It’s only about you. What’s going on in you that you are experiencing that way?”


«You prayed for the wrong person, I replied. Better to pray for yourself and ask forgiveness for whatever is going on in you and shows up as illness in your grandchild».

People do not think that they are the source of their life experience.

The resume: everything should start with you. Cleaning yourself – changing our inner world. When it changes, step by step the change occurs in outer world. This changes expand just like the rings in the water bigger and bigger.

Peace begins with me! Thank you!


Plane to Jamaica

Ho’oponopono toolsMy long expected vacation week has come. I spent it on the island of Jamaica, in the Caribbean sea. A tropic heaven full of beauty and grace. 

I put in my suitcase the Ho’oponopono tools besides my clothes.

On some interviews Ihaleakala Hew Len mentioned that he talked to a plane. He cleaned and thanked the plane. The plane started to complain that no one thanked it for its service. Then the plane asked Hew Len what he was reading. Hew Len offered the plane a book, told it about ho’oponopono and it turned out that the plane did not accept the idea seriously …As people do!

Remembering that planes also need love and gratitude, I had started to clean the route, particularly planes, long before launching the trip. Surely I knew which air company would take me there. I talked to the company, talked to the plane.

We had to take two planes to go there. I saw in my minds eyes that the first plane will deliver us with no problem.

While in the waiting area expecting for airport staff to call us on board, I saw the plane that we had to go into. I realized that it was the plane I was talking for several weeks. Once I got that suddenly it responded to me interrupting my stream of thoughts:“Is that you?” Seems it was surprised to see me there.

We did not get into any turbulent zone during the flight. The flight passed smoothly and calmly. My inner child did his best and made me sleep. So the flight seemed to last only 30 minutes. Everything happened the way I was shown.

Thank you, plane!

I love you!   

The Right Name

right nameFrom Ksenia.

I never thought of whether I have the Divinely correct name for me. What is this name? Is it long or short?  Is it Turkish or Hawaiian? May be it is a Japanese name? I want my name to also be a cleaning tool. The correct name not only helps in cleaning but it also corrects fate.

Several years ago, I began to think that it would be great to get a name from the Creator but …. As always, my dear memories showed up on the surface.

At first showed up the belief that Creator had no name for me and it turned out to be the strongest memory. There you are! Creator has the name for everybody except me. Perhaps He is too busy with other things and he had no time? We are many and He is alone. He may not know my name at all. And so on and so forth…

Stop! I started the Ho’oponopono process and asked the Creator to give me a sign.

Some time later after that I got to the Internet and read the name of the article in a completely unexpected place: “GOD KNOWS YOUR NAME!”.

Well… I did my cleaning and got the answer instantly.

Such a wonderful reminder for me that everything has its own Ho’oponopono time. No need to hurry, no need to worry. Just continue cleaning. The next step is to talk to Divine and ask.

Peace and miracles to you beyond all comprehension!



angerI love Ho’oponopono for the fact that I don’t have to concentrate and devote certain time to it. Everything is done on the fly, on the go. You do your daily routine and repeat the tools. Despite Ho’oponopono not being about the results, I get them and they are all huge to me.

Recently, I witnessed another miracle in my life. The other day an incredible anger showed up from nowhere. My inner child reminded me to clean. I guess over the years of cleaning my inner child got these directions too many times, so when I needed a reminder, it was presented in seconds.

When we are angry we are not in love, we are not at peace.

Since we are not at peace we are ready to act upon anger and ready to crash and destroy everyone and everything that comes up. All of that are reactions to the memory that is replaying in the subconscious like a broken record. 

The trick is not to succumb to the reaction and instantly begin to clean. However, it is not so easy to do especially when you are awfully angry! Sometimes the reaction can be so severe that you have no idea what you are doing. In this state, you are acting just like a puppet in memories’ hands and you cannot stop. 

I noticed that in a state of strong anger while you are cleaning you stop to be that doll. Clarity and preciseness of the situation comes soon enough and with it comes serenity.

Anger – is a memory, a dead memory we have lived at one time or another and sponged to our subconscious. Living in the “death” is uncomfortable and disadvantageous when there is another path – the path of peace.

Miracles Happen or Another One's Chance to Clean

Miracles Happen

Story from Juliya

Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono Class is the event of great importance in the life of each person practicing Ho’oponopono.

Not so far were there only in person or absentee IZI LLC Classes. Miracles happen and here we are…. 3 years ago thanks to our dear Gulya Keakaulike we had an option to attend Classes Online. I can hardly imagine how much cleaning was taken to have this event come alive. People all over the world could join the class.

It is a unbelievable Miracle for me to have the Ho’oponopono Class in my home. As for me, sometimes I can’t  go to another city or even abroad to have a Class physically. This Online Class gives you all the privileges of the Class in person, all the cleaning, all the information and you can stay at your sofa drinking your  favorite tea perhaps with blue solar water. 

It is needless to say about the place you live in. Whenever your house could get a unique opportunity to participate in the Ho’oponopono Class in present? Who knows, maybe it wants to help you in cleaning one day.  

My apartment loves such online events, we already had 3 of them. I also find for myself that it is important to attend Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono Classes every year. It is not only we, people who grow up and do change in cleaning, I suppose that each element involved and even cleaning tools experience it.

Two month ago I had a wonderful experience of Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono Online Class in Russia. Russia was blessed to have such an amazing Instructor as Gulya Kekaulike Polikoff! Every aspect of Myself enjoyed each moment of presence at the Class: the Conscious Mind got precious information and my Inner Child was like in a bath tub of cleaning.

You can’t ever get enough of cleaning. In MsKr SITH Conversations Ihaleakala Hew Len used to say that every time we clean we do our investment into our spiritual bank and everything that comes off you, comes off your family, your relatives and all the Universe.

That’s why it’s better to use any given opportunity to be involved into the cleaning and get all the dividends along with it. Why wait for it? Here is a nice opportunity coming soon with the IZI LLC online Class in Israel with Instructors  Gulya Kekaulike Polikoff and Mary Koehler,  June 22 & 23, 2017. Let Peace come to your home and into a whole world. The class is going to be held in English with Hebrew translation. You may register here (for English speaking) or here (for Hebrew speaking)

There are two instructors for Tel Aviv, Israel online class Gulya Kekaulike Polikoff and Mary Koehler. A little bio about them below.

Mary Koehler is the Master Coordinator for IZI LLC sponsored Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono® classes. Mary Koehler has a Bachelor of Science degree in Education. She attended her first class in 1998, and began coordinating classes in Oregon a year later. She has coordinated and taught classes in the US, Canada, South America, Europe, Former Soviet Union, Middle East, Asia and Australia. She currently works with the IZI LLC Coordinators and Instructors for SITH® trainings worldwide.

Gulya Kekaulike Polikoff is a living encyclopedia of stories on how Ho’oponopono changed her life and people around her. She appreciates Morrnah’s teaching that she learned from Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D. and Mary Koehler and keeps cleaning to be one with the Divine – memory free. Since 2013 she has started to coordinate and to teach classes in the Former Soviet Union area (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Belarus, Bulgaria and Israel). In 2014 she coordinated the first ever SITH® class live online.

I Love You

I did not Even Expect

I didn't even expectedStory from Incha.

Over the weekend, I watched a TV show where the host tended to use phrases that were in the spirit of Ho’oponopono:

“When you practice something you seem not to do anything significant and it turned out that you do a lot of important things.” Exactly! Before making some important tasks, I do Ho’oponopono, things seem to solve themselves – quickly and easily.

“You do not have time to do more than life decides for you.” That’s it!!! It has been noticed many times that we cannot jump over our own head no matter how we strain ourselves. Only the Creator knows what is better for you. Every time I learn to trust the Creator.

“If Love is in the first place, then everything will settle itself on its own.” But I would say: “If CLEANING is in the first place, then everything will be on its own.

For example I was waiting for my son’s call on Mother’s Day. I was about to call him first and asked if he was going to wish me Happy Mother’s Day.  But bearing in mind that everything is in me, without any expectations, I kept on cleaning and didn’t bother to make a call. It took less than an hour and finally I heard a ring. He even proposed him coming and spending evening with me to celebrate! Thank you, Ho’oponopono for this gift that I did not even expect!

Piece begins with me!


Got Depression?

got depressionThose who just began to try the cleaning report that the state of light depression had aroused for a short period of time. "Depression" is of course has a very mildly meaning in this article. That is why I wrote it in quotation marks. I wouldn’t want for anybody to get depression.

I had such a "depression" state when I started to practice ho'oponopono. At that time, I didn’t understand ho’oponopono but listened to myself to keep going. I didn’t know all the how’s and why’s it happened, but I cleaned.

One day some memories of sadness surfaced again. As a result I was going all the way down to the very bottom. It wasn’t easy to even stand up and go. What I have noticed was big and yet strange to me. I was rejecting the cleaning. I wanted to quit. Many people start something and quit. Why don’t I quit?

I didn't want to do anything at work or at home. Despite everything, I tried to pull myself together. In a few days, I got sick and had a 40C fever. I shut myself down from the world and stopped communicating to people. The light turned off.

I usually do the cleaning mentally, but mental tool chatter was slowly stopping. I am glad I wore a ceeport and it covered my nonstop cleaning. The blue solar water took care of me as well to erase toxic memories of whatever caused my “messy” condition.

My inner child was left alone. I didn’t feel guilty for not talking to him. I simply didn’t want to, although I was very dedicated to communicate with the Child every day. What kind of memories and how many of them are stored in the Child – only Divinity knows. As people who practice ho’oponopono for a long time say that we have to do the nonstop cleaning, because we do not know at what point in time something can influence the course of events. The “User Illusion” book by Tor Norretrandes says “We are aware of only 15 bytes of information per second and the rest of the 11 million bytes we don’t even know. I am happy to realize that I don’t have to understand what is going on.”

The inner child is an essential part of the ho’oponopono process. All the memories are in the child and thus, while doing the process, the child knows what is ready to go. Only mother can support the child. If you ever work with a child, the child starts to help you with the cleaning and loves the process, because your Unihipili feels better. The suffering of all sorts goes: heart attacks, frustrations, fear, blocks to success and money. There is no time to pause and get a break.

In my case, my Unihipili pulled me out from the bottom. Unihipili woke me up at night and asked, "Mom, why are you no longer talking to me?" I am naturally clairaudient. I heard many things but didn’t expect such question with the demanding color in voice. And I was thinking about stopping, huh? The child himself REQUESTS! He feels better when the trash goes away when dark spots are erased and new fresh light and inspiration comes. He wants to be with his mom, get love and care. How not to continue?

As you do ho’oponopono, each finds its way of communication. Not everyone hears the Inner Child. But it does not matter. Everyone is unique and begins to understand how these "conversations" take place between them and the child. Who you are, a man or a woman, in the physical world does not matter either. You are still a Mom to your Inner Child. I wish you to find a common language with your inner child and at the end the Child is the one who will give you his supportive hand when you don’t expect it.

I love you!

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