My recent interview with the editor of “Blue Ice” book Momilani Ramstrum.   Enjoy!

Divine Message

messageI heard a story about Morrnah that happened in her childhood. One day she saw a big hand reaching out from the sky down to earth near the bridge. She was afraid to cross that bridge. Later on she said that it was Divinity’s Hand.

Divine light always exists and is trying to reach to every man on the planet. Divinity is always talking to us. We are the ones that don’t hear Him. Our memories or programs block His messages.

By letting go of our programs we get closer and closer to the Divine. It gets easier for us to notice His miracles, to hear His communication that may occur in variations that only you can understand.

Those who practice Ho’oponopono for a long period of time are saying:

– All problems are being solved by themselves effortlessly. Even the most difficult situation turns out the way you wouldn’t expect.

– Everything changes when you change

-You become more sensitive to your surroundings.

The last point is true in my life. I definitely became more sensitive. Sometimes, when I enter a room full of unknown people, I feel those who hold offence to each other. I don’t have to talk to them. I sometimes even see them for the first time in my life and yet I feel there is an offence. Later on I hear the stories that validate it.

How do I know? I don’t know. It is hard to describe. I accept it as a new opportunity to clean, because if I experience it that means I have a common memory with these people, a common program which I have to let go. It is a gentle message from Divinity to let me know that I need cleaning to do.

I start repeating in my mind “I love you”. It erases from me and thus from the whole Universe, including You.

I love you!

New For Virtual World

Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono has been created by Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona. Seminars are lectured strictly by Morrnah’s instructions and the cleaning you receive is  beyond the words along with the information you get from the class. From 2014, seminars has been done only in the conference room. People came from all over the world and you can listen to the “I” am the “I” prayer in many languages. For example, I recently participated in the SITH class and heard the prayer in 13 different languages!

Thanks to the cleaning we had during our first online seminar that was in Kiev, Ukraine. It was an amazing event. I am eternally grateful to Divinity that I coordinated this class and oversaw many small and big details. I must say that online classes are much harder to host. I inspired to make them happen over again because people can take it from the comfort of your own home, especially those that have a physical condition who cannot attend in person. After the first event I received many thanks that finally their dream came true and they finally learned how to do the Morrna’s SITH.

In my life I see how cleaning opens new and unexpected opportunities. They are usually quite awesome. One of the new doors opened up for Bulgaria. They are going to have the first ever online class!
The seminar is going to be held in English with Bulgarian translations. Instructors of the class are Gulya Kekaulike Polikoff and Mary Koehler. For those who speak these languages it is a great chance. For those who do not speak the language you too can deep into the cleaning. As one of the students who came to the class said: “Whatever is important to get my Unihipily will get”. Ho’oponopono is beyond the language barriers. Everybody is welcome!
The time is also convenient to many continents. It starts at 3pm Bulgaria time = 8 am EST = 12 pm UK. Please use the online converter to figure out the time at your time zone.
So please make a note on your calendar: ONLINE SOFIA, BULGARIA. BASIC I Date: 27 & 28 JANUARY, 2018 г. Place: online Language: English with Bulgarian translation Time: 15:00 – 21:00 ч. и  двата  дни See you at the class in the virtual cleaning space! Miracles to your life! Kekaulike

Water: Work and do the cleaning…How is that possible?

I would like to mention about Ho’oponopono tools. Some of them were mentioned in the Joe’s book “Zero Limits”.

Many ask how do I do the cleaning at work or when talking? In my job the head is busy with counting money for the corporation. It seems no cleaning fits into the picture. Is it possible to clean while talking to your boss? To me it is very possible and real and it works for me too.

Joe wrote in the book about the wonderful tool The Blue Solar Water. You also can learn about it from the IZI LLC website. Oh, please do not run to the grocery store to buy it. It can be done by you and it is free. How? Easy.

You need any glass (only glass) container of blue color. You may take a blue bottle, or as I do, blue glass vase. I have two of them. I always have one in reserve!

Pour water in that container, cover it with a plastic cover. It is not allowed in any case to cover it with metal cover. You have to cover it to avoid flies drinking that water. They love blue solar water. I experienced that for sure. Then put that water under the sun for 30-60 minutes. That is all! The water is ready for use!

You can drink it, boil water for tea, use it when cleaning clothes or use it for the shower. One drop of solar water into any water is enough and all the water becomes solarized. The principle is the same when they do holly water in the churches.

What shall we do when there is no sun and the sky is cloudy? I have no idea but I follow my own internal guidelines and put the glass container outside anyway as I see a little shadow from the blue container. There is little sun even in cloudy weather.

Let’s add more extreme. What if there is rain? The solution is to put the bottle under an incandescent lamp. You shouldn’t use daylight lamp and other kinds of lamps.

You can take such water to work. You drink it and memories are erased. You drink it and clean relationships with money or people around you. At the end that is all you want to do.

Well, what to do if physically you can’t carry it with you? Mentally…It is enough mentally to tell Blue Solar Water. But…preferably to do it physically because your body loves water.

Recently, I found online beautiful blue glass bottles that have plastic covers. I purchased them and love them. If you would like to start the cleaning using the Solar Water at your work or at home you can purchase one and carry it everywhere for you found the perfect mate!

Happy cleaning!

I love you!

The Bus Stop

humanI go back to the topic about talking with things.

Once upon a time on my way back home, I was waiting for my husband at the bus stop. It was cold and the wind was freezing. I decided to go under the roof of the bus stop and hide from the wind.

I was repeating my sacred tools. Suddenly, I paid attention to the booth itself. How could I pass it by every day and not thank it?

I immediately started to talk to it. First I asked to forgive me for I had not noticed it for a long time. Then I thanked it for all that it does to humans: protects them from the rain and wind, always greeting people and never sends them away. Finally, I said that I loved it.

Not waiting for any response I simply continued to repeat “I love you” in my mind. It was evening, I had nothing to do…I did not hurry anywhere. The bus stop did not make me to wait for long for the response. Instead, I was shockingly surprised “You are a human!” I kept on cleaning. It repeated several times: “You are a human! You are a human!”

I don’t know what it wanted to say. I only learned from it that even a Bus Stop booth can be surprised just like people. It was amazed and glad at the same time that someone in the whole world for the first time talked to it.

As Hew Len says, each thing has its own Identity, own feelings and affections. This situation showed that they have emotions as well. Hew Len also says that we should ask for their names. I also think that for the next time I should get acquainted and introduce myself in proper manner. Haha!

I love you!

Clean Communication

People love to complain. They love to share the problems and obsess with them. They look for those who will listen and will empathize with them. As soon as humans share he/she is getting better for at least some time. Yes, their friend listened and empathized to them. But the problem unfortunately has not been solved. What to do?

If you want to speak about the problem, tell it to the one who cleans.

The one who cleans is always 100% responsible for all that is going on in him/her. If you tell him/her something then that is not in vain then you didn’t spend time for nothing. So there is a program in you that replays the situation. So the person you dying to share with is somehow a part of the problem.

Yes, we are all better to keep our mouths shut and clean, but we are people and we have this urge to talk, to communicate to others, so why not to do it with the person who cleans while you talk?

The one who talks about the problem is simply a treasure for the one who cleans! He/she gives a unique opportunity to clean and let go all what is related with that problem in you!

Who knows but maybe in the second or so both will get an Inspiration from Divinity. You get something that is perfect and right for you and your friend. It becomes a clean communication.

Thanks problems! I love you, problems! You are my blessings!

I love you!

The Charm Of Hooponopono

I know that I know nothing and it is often amazing to see what happens in the process of the Hooponopono cleansing. As I have already mentioned in the article The International Cleansing, I am a frequent visitor of Hooponopono seminars. For me that is the process of cleaning.

The most surprising thing is that the instructors themselves again and again go for workshops for being cleansed! It says (at least for me) how they are dedicated in their cleaning and use every opportunity to clean non-stop!

For example, a few years ago Ihaleakala Hew Len was a participant of the seminar along with us as absentee students.

For me, this was the first workshop, where such instructor with years of experience of Hooponopono was a student like me.

It was wonderful that the Creator showed me this. We are all the students in the process of cleaning. Humility and complete trust of the Creator is not an easy task. But… In the Hooponopono cleaning, it is easy to do.

The good news is that everything we have done ourselves we can correct ourselves.

The charm of Ho’oponopono is to Wash, to Clean, to Vacuum, to Wipe, to Erase and to Live Excellently with inspiration!

Thank you!


Ho’oponopono is a problem solving process: any kind of problem, even health problems!

I have heard a lot about it and even met people who used to have heart disease and who spoke about miraculous cure of their illness.

These stories have always been amazing to me. Sometimes, I think one can never get used to miracles.

A miracle happened with my health as well. I have been suffering from pains in my body my whole life! I don’t want to get into deep detail as it is very personal but I would like to say one thing – I did not work on that specific issue at all. It just happened and I realized after the fact when I found myself no longer having this pain.

Doctor Hew Len says that when you clean you don’t really know what you clean even though you consciously decide to clean on the problem. The important thing is to let go.

The good news is that the Divine knows what to erase first, and what is ready to be erased next. I am glad that I am not the one who makes this decision so I can better let go and let God do whatever needs to be done because result is always positive.

I love you!

Which Tool Is Suitable For Me…

toolThere are quite a number of Ho’oponopono tools. They are taught at the SITH seminars. A wide array of options of the tools may create a dilemma for you: which tool to choose from that works for you?

Hew Len in his interviews says that the best tool is the one directly received from the Divinity exactly for your situation. You need just to ask. If you don’t hear the response immediately keep on cleaning and ask again.

I had a very difficult situation and wanted to resolve it as quick as possible. What did I do? I asked for the tool! You know what? Divinity responded. I heard it very clear. At the beginning I did not believe it and was in a light shock (the memory of disbelieve popped up), but decided to give it a try and started to use that tool.

When I do the cleaning, I always feel the burning energy right in the heart. Unpleasant feeling, but! At that time I didn’t know that it will be my “gift-radar”. Those unpleasant feelings are showing me how “serious” the problem is that I work on at the moment. Sometimes the feeling is very strong and I rush to clean more so it will go away, sometimes I feel nothing.

When I started to repeat in my mind the new tool, I have noticed my “unpleasant feeling” gently moved from one side to another, the body relaxed and my nose got runny as if I had a cup of hot tea after I got back from the winter cold. The feeling started to melt down and then disappeared within several minutes.

After this experience I might ask Divinity for my own personal tools more often and who knows, maybe it will help me to let go of the garbage in me much quicker.

By the way, the result of use of my tool was incredible but this is going to be another story.

Thank you!

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