Let God Do Everything

image j copyHere is the article from my friend Julia.

Three years ago I and my husband were under the pressure of finding the perfect Primary School for our daughter. What is a perfect school for her? That meant that the school must be prestige, with highly qualified teachers, with preferably low price and …. We wanted 1000 «must be» from our new perfect school.

We visited school after school and answers of principles made us down. The enrolling  already  finished. Children who graduated from their preschools were in priority list. “There is competition base in our school… we can hardly help you in anyway. Please try to enroll next year…”- said teacher.

Next year!? What are they talking about?! Our child is 7 already!

Our daughter suddenly exclaimed : «Mom and Dad! Stop it immediately! Let God do everything!»  Me and my husband  gave a look at each other and realized that we forgot about Divinity, about His fair ability to resolving all our concerns and issues!

The mind kept saying: Well, Divinity can solve the problems… And what about us? Maybe I have to do something  like searching….., worrying….., talking to people? How can school find us by itself?

All of a sudden that night our daughter  got fever. She got asleep and was whispering in a dream: «You should let it go… let it go… let it go…»

That was her protest for our strong desire to find school by no means. That was her protest for our less faith to Divinity. That was push button for me to clean.

In the morning our child had no sign of fever from last night! She was fine! And we, her parents, gave up the idea of finding a perfect school according to our desire.

Everything I was doing then I said: «Creator, I don’t  know what kind of school would be correct for my child. I don’ t know whether my daughter should go to school this year or not… Let it be Your Will!» I  talked to school: «Dear school for my daughter, I don’t know who are you, I don’t know where are you, I just love you and thank you!»

No matter how I concern about any situation in my life everything is in Divinity’s hands. Only Creator knows about all my needs, only He can take care of me in His perfect way. Only thanks to Creator I and my family will have everything that we need every moment of our lives.

For now my daughter has her perfect school for her.

Thank you!

I Can Hear His Voice


Here is a story of a young and very enthusiastic in her cleaning  lady, Ksenia, who compares her life with Cinderella’s Fairy Tale but instead of losing the shoe she found her Ho’oponopono.

Ho’oponopono came to Ksenia’s life when it seems that “there is no light in the tunnel exists". After visiting IZI LLC class in 2013 her life changed tremendously. The Peace she was looking for came to her soul. The prince she was waiting for found and married her. She was blessed with two sweet daughters and those blooming little roses are making her happy each and every day.

«More cleaning more Miracles!» – says Ksenia. Well, I fully agree with her and with a great pleasure I share her first story.


I Can Hear His Voice

image itIn the beginning of my Ho’oponopono journey I like many other practitioners wasn’t sure in the effectiveness of this process. Irony and skepticism followed me any time I was intended to do my cleaning. What can I say, I laughed over myself later. 

I learned about Ho’oponopono from Joe Vitale’s book. This influence and mess in my life pushed me to start practicing Ho’oponopono. I thought only Miracle can save my life.

After using Ho’ponopono phrases from the book mentally: I love you. Please forgive me. Thank you for a couple months THE LIGHT appeared in my Life Tunnel. Very bright.  Being assured in the effectiveness of Ho’oponopono I decided to learn more and went to IZI LLC class that was held in Moscow, Russia. «Perfect chance for me!» – I thought. 

I had difficulties with money that  time. I thought to myself that if it is destined for me to get to that class the Divinity will let me do it and would give me the sign.  Next day on the way to the church there were  two women who drew my attention. One lady was saying to another: «Aren’t you sure yet? You should go to this class!»

Ha? That was a way direct sign from the Divinity and of course with such clarity all my questions and doubts went away. The right amount of money I needed came to me easily.

Now looking back at the situation I can say that if you let go and let God everything will be perfect and correct without any doubt.

Ho’oponopono get us closer to Divinity and unfold us more new  possibilities. Clearing up day by day I get closer to Divinity I can hear His voice in the World surrounding me. I am sure – Everything will be alright!   


Gratitude in Ho’ponopono


With a great pleasure I’d  like to introduce you another very interesting person in my surrounding, who of course practicing Ho’oponopono,  Incha.

Her name isn’t  Hawaiian.  It’s a loving nickname that gave her husband that all around adopted and calling her. Her  real name is Inna.

Incha considers  herself as a naturally lazy person and was  looking for the practice that is easy, light, not intricate and bulky. After a while her search brought her to Ho'oponopono.

Incha said that her life is full of curiosities. She graduated from college with a degree that allowed her to become a specialist in Food Technology. Eventually, she  gave up the cooking :). Following this, she was a graduate of the University with a degree in economy, apparently in order to understand that she care about the numbers less than letters. One Master Degree wasn’t enough and she got one more University degree in Psychology, apparently to finally lose faith in psychology as a science: the manipulation of some people over others, and to understand that in order to be at Zero, she do not have to be obsessed with judgment assessment. How to achieve this state? Ho’oponopono gives her an answer – Cleansing!!

Ho’oponopono helped  to resolve many issues in Incha’s  life. She has a relationship of trust with an adult son, a successful second marriage, career growth, and the flow of money Creator gave her, too.

I am lucky  to share Incha’s stories of how Ho'oponopono helps in the area of ​​money, work and relationships with colleagues. In her stories you will find  confirmation  that Ho’ponopono is the surest way to be in harmony in all areas of life and I think you will love them for  their sincerity and sense of humor.


Gratitude in Ho’ponopono

"Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul".

Henry Ward Beecher

For the past several months, I returned back to my habit to write down in my notebook all the good happenings around me and all the things that I am grateful for to the Creator.

When I say thanks I am grateful and when I am grateful everything changes. For example, our dark office brightens up with flowers and plans, protective wallpaper on the walls even though our boss didn’t want to do any renovations. My home finally got the long-awaited home renovations. My country home transformed as well. Now it is not just clean but turned out to be a beautiful, bright and expressive oasis.

The other day I had to pick up some documents from the office across the street. They said they don’t have blanks for that and gave me only one.  In order to get another document I had to stand in a long line. Without and complains and going into debates, silently I said: “Thank you, thank you, thank you … ". Less than a minute later, an employee of that office said: “Okay. Sit here. I'll get your things".

I noticed that sometimes there is no reason for tears and sobbing. And it happens that there is no apparent reason for a special good mood and you feel the love for the world and an extraordinary rise of positive vibration. It would seem easy to give thanks when you feel joy. Do you often remember about the gratitude in the moments of joy? We take for granted the joyous event. It is human nature to attribute the good results of their efforts to themselves, but if things are bad – we blame others.

If a person in my reality bugs me in deeds and actions, in omissions or words, in look or gesture, he took on the role in advance in order to indicate that the memory is in me.

If we can thank the existence of all that we meet in our lives, all of us will begin to change. So THANK EVERYTHING FOR EVERYTHING!

Wish you Peace and Miracles beyond comprehension!


Mother's Love


Please welcome my friend and Ho’oponopono practitioner Kate. Ho’oponopono became a meaning of life to her.

 «I won’t  forget those first tremulous feeling of oneness with your  Inner Child – Unihipili», – said Kate. It was that exact moment in her life when a flood of miracles presented itself».

Kate is very lovely, warm-hearted  person and a wonderful mother of four. Thanks to Ho’oponopono:

  • her daughter’s serious health problems went away.
  • period of misunderstanding and constant dissatisfaction between her son and her finally came to the end.

Of course, the difficulty of raising children has not disappeared completely, but  they are only opportunities and a reason to clean for her.

It’s so nice of  her to let me share stories of her experience with Ho'oponopono practice in dealing with children. I am sure her magnificent stories will find a place in your hearts as in mine for they are full of Love and Divine Inspiration.


Mother’s Love

9When I look into my daughter’s eyes I see the whole world in them. When I make her hair  I enjoy the silkiness of  each strand.  I plait in protection that God gave  to all mothers. When my daughter is not with me I am sure she is safe under the protection of God.

When she  takes  my hand Love penetrates  my body. I catch her each  word, sight, movement, her smile.  She gives me a kiss and I get wings at that very moment. She laughs and I cry with happy tears.

Mother’s love can experience every mother. Just keep in mind  that we have the child within us – our  Inner Child, the most important part of us!

How painful to see neglected children… We often forget that our Inner Child always needs our kind and gentle words of love. Our  Inner Child as nobody else needs our protection. He is constantly under the attack of memories! The Inner Child doesn’t know how to deal with memories until you – his mother would teach him patiently  how to release those memories.

Hooponopono is about cleaning. The most powerful cleaning happens when I am in constant connection with my Inner Child. My Unihipili often strokes  my hair and I begin to feel him more often. I talk to him, hug him mentally, ask him to join me and my daughter when we sculpting, drawing, dancing, playing… With each moment I fall in love with him even more.

Fondness and Reverence that seized me in my relationship with kids I pass on to the earth and to the Universe. In those very moments I believe in Miracles because the main Miracle is Mother’s Love I experience right now.

God shows me through communication with children how to Love Unconditionally. This feeling I want to bring throughout  all my life projecting such Love to each and every creature of the Planet.

I love you!


I Am New To Ho'oponopono

I am new to ho'oponoponoMore and more I get emails from people who have just introduced to Ho’oponopono. Most of the emails report a super positive mood, euphoria and feelings of joy. And then … someone wrote that he began to feel sick, another wrote the life crisis began in all areas. Someone has to cope with tearfulness and negativity in life. Everyone has their own way of perceiving the ho’oponopono.

I want to say: Hey! Guys! We are all very different. We are like snowflakes – no stamp manufacturing production! There is no one looks like you! God created us all and gave each of us its unique qualities and abilities. God’s creativity goes beyond our comprehension. Why create sameness? Therefore, each of us has its own process of ho’oponopono that is unique to you.

I am truly happy for those who write that no negativity was observed in the beginning. Peace and calmness were present right away. What about those who felt as they dipped into negativity? I’m happy for you too!

My cleaning with Ho’oponopono by no means can’t be called smooth. Having started practicing, I immediately received the punch in the face. I experienced a terrible depression. I was going down and down every day.  No happiness, no peace in my heart, no nothing but deep sadness. I had this “down” state for about three months but all this time I kept cleaning no matter what. There were moments when I felt sorry for myself and was angry that I started the cleaning process. “Why did I start, if everything was ok the way it is?” – I yelled at myself silently. Now I understand that it was already in me for a long time and my cleaning just triggered it and came to surface to be released. The part of me told me to keep going with the cleaning even though I wanted to stop several times. I am glad I listened to this part of me. If I wouldn’t do it, who knows, maybe the same depression would go on these days.

I also discovered that I felt all cleaning physically. I didn’t know then but know now that it was my gift. When I clean and there is a difficult illness, death or really big problem is about to happen the physical sensation and the feeling that someone offended you is with me. I just clean and release whatever. I am unique in that way. It is only about 100% responsibility from my part – to keep it or let go. I usually clean until it is gone because I prefer to not feel offended.

Here is a great video interview with Dr. Hew Len about 100% responsibilities where he explains it in detail.

While these emotional issues were happening, my husband lost his job, the garage opener cracked and all locks in the house broke at the same time! Most of my friends lost jobs, the people around me got sick. All this signaled to me in what mess I was without the ho’oponopono and to better pay attention to it and keep cleaning. I realized that I kept myself and people around me from perfect and right situation in life.

Little did I know it all stopped and the peace surrounded me. All who have been out of work – found it unusual and mysterious, wonderful ways.  Everyone who got sick – suddenly cured without the use of any pills.

After all that I went through, I can tell Ho’oponopono works even if you do not believe it. The recipe is simple and maybe repeated hundred times but I repeat again “keep cleaning!” As I said, you don’t have to believe it. It will show up later once the obstacles are cleared.

I love you.


Peace Begins With Me

peace beginsSeveral years ago when I just started my Ho’oponopono journey I took part  in online meeting dedicated  to Ho’oponopono practice. I remember  one question from the lady. She asked how to get the inner  peace .

«Hm, what a weird question?!» – I thought at that very moment.  I came to this meeting  to ask why  I have not enough money  to  pay for my daughter’s  daycare. I wanted to ask why do I always have problems in the relationship with  my husband. Besides that I had too many “whys” to ask.  There is nothing to do with my inner peace! I wanted wealth  for my family and peace with husband!

Ihaleakala Hew Len used to say that Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona had a plate on her desk that said “Peace Begins With Me”. It took me some years of practicing Ho’oponopono to realize that peace in the family  BEGINS WITH ME .

For a long time  I wanted  for peace to begin with my husband and  thought: «When he would understand he is wrong , when he would calm down  and then the problem would be fixed». I wanted  for peace to begin with my child: «When she would hear  me, then the problem would be over and done». I wanted wealth for my family to begin with money also by thinking that when I would have enough money then some magic would happen with my life.

How my life would change if everybody around me obeyed me and didn’t disturb my world in any way? Would it make me happy, more confident and wealthy? I got puzzled even more: would I do ho’oponopono for the sake of my inner peace?

Thanks to my memories that stored inside me I realized that whatever I see is a reflection of my inner world and thus I see it as certain behavior of my family. Only memories aren’t giving me the peace of mind. In a good way they gave me the opportunity to erase them from me. I would do it only for one thing – Peace: the Peace of my Soul, the Peace of my Family, people around me and finally the Peace in the World.

Peace begins with me!

I am way too far from stopping to give my opinions or pointing to the people’s mistakes. I still need to learn to stop to direct my daughter because I think I know better. No wonder she always gives me her look with “Mama, Divinity designed me that way. Sorry!” How would I object that?

Peace begins with me!

I am still on my journey of cleaning, releasing to the Light.

I am here to change myself so I would finally know thyself. If I designed in exact likeness of Divinity then I should not have to repeat my mistakes and just to be the Light.

I have to know myself and finally to know the Peace of I.

Morrnah's prayer

The Peace Of "I"

Peace be with you, All My Peace,

The Peace that is "I", the Peace that is "I am".

The Peace for always, now and forever and evermore.

My Peace "I" give to you, My Peace "I" leave with you

Not the world's Peace, but, only My Peace,

The Peace of "I".





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