This article I wrote many years ago for Russian site, but I want to share it with you today, because it is still relevant to this day miracles.

Illusion or Reality

Next week another meeting for me with the legendary Hew Len! Hooray! Now he is retired and teaches very rarely.

When I saw that this year the class would be organized in Las Vegas – it was clear for me – to go! And … to go means to fly… 6 hours on the plane … I wanted to go. I am a big fan of Ho’oponopono and want to feel the cleaning deeper.

Many people, especially in the beginning, do not trust the process of cleansing (purification). Someone thinks, “It cannot be so beautiful, as Joe Vitale described“.

Joe is an excellent author and a virtuoso of the word. This is his job to talk about it beautifully! Thanks to Joe Vitale, the world discovered Ho’oponopono and I am grateful for the opportunity that he provided for all.

The theory of Ho’oponopono is important and it is connected with understanding at the same time. Everyone wants to understand, catch and think in a certain way about Ho’oponopono. But! It is not possible neither to understand nor to feel it – until you practice it. How do you know how wine tastes like if you have never tried it? Doesn’t matter how well somebody describes you the taste of it. You will get it once you try it.

I’m a practicioner and use the process daily for several years now. It works for me 100% truly. How Divinity can’t help to its child if the child works? It always works! Miracles happening in my life. Maybe I should call them “results” but I prefer to use “miracles”. My blog is the evidence of Ho’oponopono work. Nothing made up or created. Just writing as is. The only thing you need to know is to cleanse without expectations. Then the doubts will disappear. When you see things change in spiritual realm, your aura, destiny – you don’t need the evidence. I just see it happen for me and for others.

Those who continue to think that Ho’oponopono:

– Makes wishes come true

– Teaches to set goals and achieve them

– Teaches to dream and imagine that you have already lived as in your dream (as in the film “The Secret”)

They are deeply mistaken!

Cleansing, we “pay” our “loan” (just like in the bank), which we have saved with interest by using Ho’oponopono processes. You do the process – we pay our debts! What could be better? You are given one more chance!

We are freeing ourselves up from karmic accumulation even without thinking about it. It’s so great to see and notice the world! Instead of rushing and seeing nothing…

What am I going to say?

This article was inspired by one of my readers from Anna Sheremeyeva. She wrote me an email. I share it below with you with her permission:

“I want to share with you the change, which happened today thanks to your Miracle Blog. Change occurred in my perception and thoughts. “Since the moment I acquainted with the Hooponopono method, an anxiety did not leave me when conversations was related to “miracles”. It is wonderful, when everything is organic, and situations that inspire you happen, but for me it was important that this is not one of the techniques that create an illusory reality where wishes come true, when the destiny collapses at the deep soul levels and karmic debts are created for all these fulfilled desires. Beyond that, I was absolutely no doubt that Ho’oponopono works. I think the feeling that this is the next new-age technique was occurred precisely thanks to Joe Vitale: a constant demonstration of wonders examples. So, I want to express my gratitude for clarity, clarification of doubts and frustration. It is very important to me. Thank you for everything!

I am glad that my Miracle Blog is helping someone. Thank you, Blog! I was happy that someone shared results or miracles that happen inside the person. Thank you.

Send your Hooponopono Miracles through the contact form, I will post them. Perhaps your miracle will support and inspire someone to change their life through cleansing.

I love you!


Once again I am convinced that it is necessary to listen to the words of those people who have been practicing Ho’oponopono for years.

Morrnah used to say that it is possible to clean before you go somewhere. After you do Ho’oponopono you hear the Divine inspiration and all you need to do is to follow it.

In my case before a trip to Russia, I was completely exhausted. Every day I cleaned myself from the moment I wake up and before falling asleep. I noticed that sometimes it is worth it to cleanse on something particular. Then you can get that ‘the very result’. And again this is my experience. You will have your own.

This time I couldn’t clean on anything. I couldn’t pull myself together. I had very disbalanced thoughts inside my head. Usually, I immediately notice such things and begin to start the cleaning. This time I observed but I did not pay that much attention. Unfortunately…

You will not believe it, but when I arrived, all my friends and their families, – all of them had problems with their eyes. Some had big trouble. Some minor. Literally, upon my arrival many went to the hospital, they were revealed with complex diagnosis.

Could this be avoided? Rather yes, than no, if I took 100% responsibility.

Yes, I do not have problems with eyes, but people around me have. What does it mean? The program from my subconscious is showing me movies: look, this is inside you. And how do you feel, when they tell you about their pain? Does it hurt you? Of course, because it all happens with people dear to your heart.

To tell the long story short, since I was in such situation at that moment – it means this is in me, everything inside me.

It is easy to start solving the problem – clean memories inside yourself. It will be erased from me and from them. The disease will be erased from them only after it has been erased from me. Not other way around. The disease cannot exist without memory. It is impossible.

So before you plan anything, it’s better to do Ho’oponopono process long before.

I love you!


I am confident that in very difficult situations you need to remind yourself to do the Ho’oponopono process. Otherwise, expect an avalanche of stormy emotions as anger, disappointment and resentment. And then they just stay with you forever…

An example to the above prose.

My company has moved to a new building. During the move, I was on vacation. Before my departure, I saw a new place and I knew where our office will be located.

Every employee has its cubical to create the sense of security and calmness, to be sure that no one is looking behind your shoulders and how you work. Kind of nice privacy.

I returned to the office. Of course all the good spaces were already taken. I ended up in the center of the office and completely without windows and doors. I felt (excuse my language) in the lavatory but without the walls.

Anger, resentment and despair came up inside me. Everything burned and hurt. The only thing I said to my boss is that it’s not comfortable for me to work like this. Intellectually, I realized that I missed my chance.. All the places were occupied by the directors and managers. I do not have such a position to require a place of honor. I did not need a cool office with windows from floor to ceiling. I needed just a corner with walls. I did not want to sit in the field, where everyone aims to see what I’m doing. I am a very closed person and this situation made me cry. Maybe it sounds funny now but it wasn’t back then.

Frustration came out. There was an inevitability to work in such conditions. In feeling angry I began my Ho’oponopono process. I didn’t feel gratitude, no love. Just black dusty low feelings. I began to thank my new super-duper table, new phone, desk, etc.

The sorrows started to leave me. Then I didn’t care anymore. It wasn’t important. I realize now it was important.

By the end of the day, I was announced that I will exchange seats with one director! He is rarely in the office, so he does not need walls. Hm?

Now I have a new cozy room with walls! Although, it seemed… nothing can be rectified.

That is how the process works.

Thank you!


The planes are alive and, as shown by practice, very talkative! I fly often and before each flight, I include the flight into my cleaning much in advance. I also love to talk to planes, while waiting for my flight. What else to do while waiting?
This time the trip to the Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono class hasn’t escaped from the conversation, but this time it was initiated from the plane side!
I flew to Ho’oponopono seminar with a transfer. I had to jump from one plane to another and quick. Between the flights I had only 30 minutes, but later it turned out that I had even 10.
I got in to the first plane. I thank it for taking us where we need to go. I say I am grateful for providing such wonderful service. I tell him how much I appreciate that it does for me and for everyone on the plane. I apologize that I didn’t talk to it before.
I sat on my seat and started cleaning. I say the tools mentally. Did I say that I am clairvoyant and clairaudient from the birth? It means I see spirit realms and hear it. Well… Suddenly, there is a knock – Knock! Knock! I hear the plane says – “ you are so amazing! “. Am I? Amazing? – I hear myself asking back. The analysis activated immediately. I am asking: “Airplane, is this you?“ He says – “Yes! You are so magnificent!”
Wow! I am magnificent! The plane turned out to be flirting with me. He sprinkled a couple more compliments on me. Well, perfect! I was complimented! No other human said anything to me. At least the plane made my day:)
Furthermore, I sat and felt that my fear and anxiety came up regarding the catching of the next plane. What if I won’t be on time? I’m sitting as if on needles! I apologize for the plane for “polluting his energy with my negative waves”. Hm…I need to talk to connecting flight now.
After the use of Ho’oponopono tools, I calmed down. The fear of being late has vanished away. Now – I am in peace and calmness, and I can talk to my second plane.
Dear Plane! I am concerned that I am not going to make the flight on time. I don’t know the layout of the airport and that I may spend extra precious minutes to look for the gate. The plane calmed me down: “I am waiting for you …”

And it happened! Really definitely had to run like crazy. As soon as I got in through the gate of the plane – the doors closed. The plane kept its promise.

I love you!


I used to live in the suburb of Boston. And I worked in Boston itself. It’s not a great idea to drive there in the morning. Traffic jams, cars. I must say I am not a fan.

Fortunately there is an alternative – a favorite train. I used the train every day, except the days when I worked from home. After the Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono class, I began to thank my train as a live being when entering and getting out when I remembered.

The railroad company had and probably still have a rule – one conductor for two carriages. I noticed the conductor, who checks all tickets, says “Thank you!” to everyone. When we leave train, his job is to ensure than everyone has left the carriage safely and soundly. Some passengers thank him, and some just wish a good evening and so on. Looks like an ordinary picture… But I am with Hooponopono. I looked at this from a different stand point. From the side of the conductor. No matter what they say – he always say “Thank you!” Often he says without emotions, just says it automatically.

Suddenly I remembered the words of Ihaleakala “Just do it!”. No need to think and analyze, just pronounce the Ho’oponopono tool. And it is not only my conductor, but also other conductors do the same. They are the same – Grateful-speaking.

It is probably a part of their service. They should behave like that with passengers. And that is cool! I traveled on a train filled with the cleansing energy, thanks to these people, who even do not realize what they do for the Universe!

That is why they have so many passengers, despite that sometimes trains break. A good note for businessmen! I don’t travel by train anymore. I think I cut my cords with it and with the people on the train I saw many years.

I love you! 


MsKr show: Cleaning this moment

How do you concentrate on that very moment when you angry or hurt, when no cleaning comes up to your mind? This amazing show reveals a new tool that will help to clean during, before and after the cases of shock, fright, anger. Perhaps Divinity has its own solutions if you do your part. Gulya Kekaulike Polikoff is having conversation with Kamaile Rafaelovich, ZHoku=Pana Webber, Mary Koehler, Loke Freedman and Keala Rafalovich. They share their experiences with the cleaning, communications with Unihipili and remember stories of Morrnah. If you would like to learn how to slide from frustration, shock, despair to the cleaning this MsKr conversation is designed especially for you. Take advantage to not get stuck in the memory!

Date: May 10th

Time: 7 pm EST = 4 PST

Type: Replay

Fee: $33



My recent interview with the editor of “Blue Ice” book Momilani Ramstrum.   Enjoy!

Divine Message

messageI heard a story about Morrnah that happened in her childhood. One day she saw a big hand reaching out from the sky down to earth near the bridge. She was afraid to cross that bridge. Later on she said that it was Divinity’s Hand.

Divine light always exists and is trying to reach to every man on the planet. Divinity is always talking to us. We are the ones that don’t hear Him. Our memories or programs block His messages.

By letting go of our programs we get closer and closer to the Divine. It gets easier for us to notice His miracles, to hear His communication that may occur in variations that only you can understand.

Those who practice Ho’oponopono for a long period of time are saying:

– All problems are being solved by themselves effortlessly. Even the most difficult situation turns out the way you wouldn’t expect.

– Everything changes when you change

-You become more sensitive to your surroundings.

The last point is true in my life. I definitely became more sensitive. Sometimes, when I enter a room full of unknown people, I feel those who hold offence to each other. I don’t have to talk to them. I sometimes even see them for the first time in my life and yet I feel there is an offence. Later on I hear the stories that validate it.

How do I know? I don’t know. It is hard to describe. I accept it as a new opportunity to clean, because if I experience it that means I have a common memory with these people, a common program which I have to let go. It is a gentle message from Divinity to let me know that I need cleaning to do.

I start repeating in my mind “I love you”. It erases from me and thus from the whole Universe, including You.

I love you!

New For Virtual World

Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono has been created by Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona. Seminars are lectured strictly by Morrnah’s instructions and the cleaning you receive is  beyond the words along with the information you get from the class. From 2014, seminars has been done only in the conference room. People came from all over the world and you can listen to the “I” am the “I” prayer in many languages. For example, I recently participated in the SITH class and heard the prayer in 13 different languages!

Thanks to the cleaning we had during our first online seminar that was in Kiev, Ukraine. It was an amazing event. I am eternally grateful to Divinity that I coordinated this class and oversaw many small and big details. I must say that online classes are much harder to host. I inspired to make them happen over again because people can take it from the comfort of your own home, especially those that have a physical condition who cannot attend in person. After the first event I received many thanks that finally their dream came true and they finally learned how to do the Morrna’s SITH.

In my life I see how cleaning opens new and unexpected opportunities. They are usually quite awesome. One of the new doors opened up for Bulgaria. They are going to have the first ever online class!
The seminar is going to be held in English with Bulgarian translations. Instructors of the class are Gulya Kekaulike Polikoff and Mary Koehler. For those who speak these languages it is a great chance. For those who do not speak the language you too can deep into the cleaning. As one of the students who came to the class said: “Whatever is important to get my Unihipily will get”. Ho’oponopono is beyond the language barriers. Everybody is welcome!
The time is also convenient to many continents. It starts at 3pm Bulgaria time = 8 am EST = 12 pm UK. Please use the online converter to figure out the time at your time zone.
So please make a note on your calendar: ONLINE SOFIA, BULGARIA. BASIC I Date: 27 & 28 JANUARY, 2018 г. Place: online Language: English with Bulgarian translation Time: 15:00 – 21:00 ч. и  двата  дни See you at the class in the virtual cleaning space! Miracles to your life! Kekaulike

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