It Was My Desire!


Sometimes we are so impatient about our desires and wishes. But who knows where our desires can lead us… Here is a lovely story of Ksenia. She has a nice example when we are so enthusiastic to make our wishes come true.


It Was My Desire!

it was my desireI am happy with the effectiveness of cleaning in my daily life. After the session with Kekalike, I began talking to my Spirital Team and noticed how fast they magically hear me. Nobody puts my requests and questions down to the far shelf.

Each our thought, each petition and wish are accepted by our Spiritual Friends. I became aware of the following wisdom:

Before you ask for something from the Divinity, take all the responsibility for whatever you ask! Don’t forget to do Ho’oponopono cleaning!

After the birth of our first daughter, I and my husband were full of enthusiasm and made up our mind to have another child. Our desire was so great that  we didn’t want to postpone the newborn. I didn’t think about anything and of course the care of my body to recover after the first delievery wasn’t on my priority list. I shared my wish with my Spirit Team. 5 months after my first delivery I got pregnant.

Soon I realized that I got ahead of myself. The burden of pregnancy was so huge that at some point I asked the Divinity: «Why do I have to experience pregnancy they way I do? Why it is too hard?»  This very day I got an answer! When I  switched on the TV I saw a sign all over the screen that said: «Pregnancy – is YOUR CHOICE!»  All my questions fell apart.

Thank you!



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