Kekaulike Interviews with IZI Authorized Instructors


It’s honor for me to bring to your attention the unique Keaukalike Intervews with IZI Authorized Instructors. Huge experience with Ho’oponopono! Non – stop cleaning!

Here is the first interview with Marian Miliama Kaminitz & Patricia Lynn Leolani Hill. For many years they have been working with Ihaleakala Hew Len and used to work with Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona.

Patricia shares as they used to do traditional Ho’oponopono at Hawaii.

Marian tells how Ho’oponopono helps her at work and with her pets.

Enjoy your watching!


  Interview with Marian Miliama Kaminitz & Patricia Lynn Leolani Hill.


“Since the beginning man asked- Who am I  and  what is my purpose?

When I met first with Morrnah that was the very question I asked her. You know what she told me?

“ The only thing Divinity wants you  to know is – who you are”.

A  beautiful thing about Self Identity through Ho’oponopono – moment by moment you do the process you do the cleaning and very gently because it’s a stress less gentle  method  you can know who you are and spend time with yourself. This  is such a beautiful thing…”

IZI LLC Instructor Patricia Lynn Leolani Hill