Ihaleakala Hew Len


8KXE_dsk5WsIhaleakala Hew Len ia a legendary Man. In the book  «Zero Limits» Joe Vitale wrote about him: the psychotherapist who worked at Hawaiian State Hospital. His patients were mentally ill criminals. Hew Len didn’t meet with his patients in order to treat them by means of traditional medicine. He was able to «heal» them with the help of Ho’oponopono. Dr. Hew Len said that he did nothing but work on himself (clean himself). Divinity did the rest – heal the patients.

How long was IHHL practicing Ho’oponopono since he started working at the Hawaiian State Hospital? One year.

The beginning of the Ho’oponopono practice wasn’t smooth for IHHL.

His daughter was born having a skin disorder accompanying with blood, wounds and pains all over her body. Whatever the doctors did to treat her – nothing helped.

Few years passed. One day IHHL was driving. He had his kids in his car. Suddenly the car turned to another side and moved to an unknown direction. It took them to the Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona’s place.

Morrnah  wasn’t surprised when she opened the door to Ihalekala and his kids. She looked at the girl and began to murmur  something in a low voice without paying attention to those being in the room . Then she felt silent. Nobody disturbed her. Children gave a look to their father and he gave a look to his kids. Everybody was shocked by the behavior of this strange woman.

Finally the woman opened her eyes and said: «Well, everything is done. Thank you. You can go».

A month later, the child's long-term suffering came to an end. The bloody wounds and the pain left.

Ihaleakala was amazed at such a miracle. He decided to spend more time with this "strange woman" and find out what she applied to his daughter. Being a psychotherapist and psychologist he wanted explanations.

At his first seminar Ihaleakala was struck by "the stupid and unclear" information. Morrnah spoke of spirits, talking to objects and other spiritualistic information. At the first break, he went home. It was going on like that for 5-6 times. Hew Len’s mind  did not allow him to accept what Morrnah was saying.

How did it happen that Hew Len continued practicing Ho’oponopono? He said: «Somebody was cleaning enough so I can accept and learn the cleaning».

Hew Len has taught the Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono Classes all over the world for many years. Now he is retired. He doesn't teach anymore but in a very close contact with all the coordinators and instructors and does the cleaning with every registered person who signed up for the class. 

It is an amazing opportunity to clean the memories of many past lives right in the class.




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    Thankyou Ihaleakala I love you

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    I love you hew thank you

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