I Can Hear His Voice


Here is a story of a young and very enthusiastic in her cleaning  lady, Ksenia, who compares her life with Cinderella’s Fairy Tale but instead of losing the shoe she found her Ho’oponopono.

Ho’oponopono came to Ksenia’s life when it seems that “there is no light in the tunnel exists". After visiting IZI LLC class in 2013 her life changed tremendously. The Peace she was looking for came to her soul. The prince she was waiting for found and married her. She was blessed with two sweet daughters and those blooming little roses are making her happy each and every day.

«More cleaning more Miracles!» – says Ksenia. Well, I fully agree with her and with a great pleasure I share her first story.


I Can Hear His Voice

image itIn the beginning of my Ho’oponopono journey I like many other practitioners wasn’t sure in the effectiveness of this process. Irony and skepticism followed me any time I was intended to do my cleaning. What can I say, I laughed over myself later. 

I learned about Ho’oponopono from Joe Vitale’s book. This influence and mess in my life pushed me to start practicing Ho’oponopono. I thought only Miracle can save my life.

After using Ho’ponopono phrases from the book mentally: I love you. Please forgive me. Thank you for a couple months THE LIGHT appeared in my Life Tunnel. Very bright.  Being assured in the effectiveness of Ho’oponopono I decided to learn more and went to IZI LLC class that was held in Moscow, Russia. «Perfect chance for me!» – I thought. 

I had difficulties with money that  time. I thought to myself that if it is destined for me to get to that class the Divinity will let me do it and would give me the sign.  Next day on the way to the church there were  two women who drew my attention. One lady was saying to another: «Aren’t you sure yet? You should go to this class!»

Ha? That was a way direct sign from the Divinity and of course with such clarity all my questions and doubts went away. The right amount of money I needed came to me easily.

Now looking back at the situation I can say that if you let go and let God everything will be perfect and correct without any doubt.

Ho’oponopono get us closer to Divinity and unfold us more new  possibilities. Clearing up day by day I get closer to Divinity I can hear His voice in the World surrounding me. I am sure – Everything will be alright!   



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  1. Ho oponopono heals
    Since I came to know of this beautiful healing and cleaning tool, I have been using it.
    Also spreading the word everywhere, sharing Dr. Hew Len’s practical application of the tool so that people may heal and clean themselves and more and more people take responsibility.

    1. Thank you for your cleaning!

    • soma chakravertty on April 16, 2018 at 8:19 am
    • Reply

    My life is in a mess. I have massive money problem. A friend borrowed a very large amount …my life savings. but is not returning it now. I am fed up of false promises of return. I have been adviced now and again to file a police complain.I want to avoid it. There is already so much of negetivity. Please help, tell me what to do.
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you for the chance to clean

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