Ho’oponopono about past lives…

Ho’oponopono About Past LivesMany times I heard different spiritual practices say that all responses are in us.

I have never understood that. And not only me. No one explains anything in details for a person like me who likes clear and literal understanding. All explanations usually were cloudy behind nice and beautiful spiritual words. There is no clarification.   

One of the reasons of my being in Ho’oponopono is transparency and clarity. Unexplained things are explained for better understanding by our intellect. For example, a human got seriously sick. Immediately everyone thinks: aha! that is genetic, it runs in her/his family, he got cold in freezing day and so on.

Well it is understandable with the cold on freezing day but not so much clarity with the genetics. Where did that very ancestor get the disease and why passed it to you? Did he hate you so much that shared the disease with you? That has always interested me.

Ho’oponopono looks at the root of the problem.

According to Ho’oponopono, all information is about present and past lives, all little and big details are kept in the subconsciousness. Millions, billions of programs replay each second, however we realize nothing…It only seems like we see and know everything. Not at all! That is why we think that clairvoyance is a paranormal case. That is questionable who is normal and who is paranormal in this case…

So it means all information is in me. In my subconsciousness (in inner child). I own it. It simply is hidden and covered with piles and piles of memories. That is why I can’t get to the answer easily.

I remembered and thought about the “in me” concept when my ho’oponopono friend Juliya has told me what she has heard on a recent Podcast: “if you ask a question here, that means you dealt with Ho’oponopono in your past lives”.

I have remembered a case from my experience that once I woke up at night and heard my Inner Child speak to someone: “I led her to ho’oponopono for such a long time!”. I don’t know whom my inner child was talking to, but he knew perfectly what exactly would help the Child to get rid of memories and problems. He led me to this practice. Thank you! The Inner Child knew before I learned it in this lifetime.

I have been studying different spiritual practices for 11 years and have not stayed too long with any of them. I just felt they don’t quite suit me.

Now I realize that those spiritual practices were steps toward Ho’oponopono. Infinite love and gratitude to them! They deserve it! All of them work! Just everyone has to find their own path.

I love you!

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