Gratitude in Ho’ponopono


With a great pleasure I’d  like to introduce you another very interesting person in my surrounding, who of course practicing Ho’oponopono,  Incha.

Her name isn’t  Hawaiian.  It’s a loving nickname that gave her husband that all around adopted and calling her. Her  real name is Inna.

Incha considers  herself as a naturally lazy person and was  looking for the practice that is easy, light, not intricate and bulky. After a while her search brought her to Ho'oponopono.

Incha said that her life is full of curiosities. She graduated from college with a degree that allowed her to become a specialist in Food Technology. Eventually, she  gave up the cooking :). Following this, she was a graduate of the University with a degree in economy, apparently in order to understand that she care about the numbers less than letters. One Master Degree wasn’t enough and she got one more University degree in Psychology, apparently to finally lose faith in psychology as a science: the manipulation of some people over others, and to understand that in order to be at Zero, she do not have to be obsessed with judgment assessment. How to achieve this state? Ho’oponopono gives her an answer – Cleansing!!

Ho’oponopono helped  to resolve many issues in Incha’s  life. She has a relationship of trust with an adult son, a successful second marriage, career growth, and the flow of money Creator gave her, too.

I am lucky  to share Incha’s stories of how Ho'oponopono helps in the area of ​​money, work and relationships with colleagues. In her stories you will find  confirmation  that Ho’ponopono is the surest way to be in harmony in all areas of life and I think you will love them for  their sincerity and sense of humor.


Gratitude in Ho’ponopono

"Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul".

Henry Ward Beecher

For the past several months, I returned back to my habit to write down in my notebook all the good happenings around me and all the things that I am grateful for to the Creator.

When I say thanks I am grateful and when I am grateful everything changes. For example, our dark office brightens up with flowers and plans, protective wallpaper on the walls even though our boss didn’t want to do any renovations. My home finally got the long-awaited home renovations. My country home transformed as well. Now it is not just clean but turned out to be a beautiful, bright and expressive oasis.

The other day I had to pick up some documents from the office across the street. They said they don’t have blanks for that and gave me only one.  In order to get another document I had to stand in a long line. Without and complains and going into debates, silently I said: “Thank you, thank you, thank you … ". Less than a minute later, an employee of that office said: “Okay. Sit here. I'll get your things".

I noticed that sometimes there is no reason for tears and sobbing. And it happens that there is no apparent reason for a special good mood and you feel the love for the world and an extraordinary rise of positive vibration. It would seem easy to give thanks when you feel joy. Do you often remember about the gratitude in the moments of joy? We take for granted the joyous event. It is human nature to attribute the good results of their efforts to themselves, but if things are bad – we blame others.

If a person in my reality bugs me in deeds and actions, in omissions or words, in look or gesture, he took on the role in advance in order to indicate that the memory is in me.

If we can thank the existence of all that we meet in our lives, all of us will begin to change. So THANK EVERYTHING FOR EVERYTHING!

Wish you Peace and Miracles beyond comprehension!



    • Yunus on August 9, 2018 at 4:12 pm
    • Reply

    Thank you and I am sooo grateful.

    • aparnna on October 12, 2018 at 6:33 am
    • Reply

    thank thank you thank you
    i am so grateful
    thank you

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