Grateful Toys

Grateful ToysOur dear children! We like to pamper them. As the opportunity arises, many parents buy something interesting and fun in order to once again see the sparking eyes of a child. No money can spare for our beloved children.

Often, another toy makes you forget about the previous one. And, in the end, the house becomes a load of unclaimed toys. Sometimes, you barely think of where to hide them all. Well, it is nice if you give the excess toys to other children's hands. What happens if the toy is just thrown out?

Everything has its own Inner Family, their opinions, their voice. Toys are not the exception.

With the advent of Ho'oponopono in my life, I have been watching very carefully how my little daughter treats toys. My daughter pays so much attention to them, so much love and warmth she gives to them so when in my arms, I feel from the toys a pleasant body vibration – Gratitude.

We still have the toys donated by our friends. Some are left from my oldest son. In order for the toys to be loved and to get our children’s attention, I rotate them: I hide half of them and leave the other half. After a while, I change them around. When my daughter loses complete interest in the toy, I give that toy to a new little owner.

Recently, I really wanted to make a gift to my Unihipili. He asked for the polar teddy bear. We tried a lot of bears in the stores, but it didn’t feel like that was the one. When you are no longer looking for something, a miracle happens. I saw the teddy bear in the bedding section of my local department store. It was white and incredibly charming.

My daughter loved him very much. He was so soft and pleasant to the touch. You simply do not want to let it go. We named him Nana. Now, this little teddy bear reminds me that my inner child is with me and he needs constant attention and care. Lots of love now is given to Nana too.

It is very important for me to have love and gratitude energy in my house. That is why I try to pay attention not only to my family members, but everything that surround us.  

The Peace of  "I“


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  1. I agree that it is very important for us to have love and gratitude energy in our house. Thanks for sharing your wonderful story with your kids! 🙂

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