Garage or The Key With Hawaiian Method


Did you say "I Love You" to your garage? No? Today is the time to say it…


Garage or The Key With Hawaiian Method

Garage or The Key With Hawaiian MethodI am going to bed. Tomorrow I have a lot of things to do. Here is a voice inside of my head: Check where the key is. Where? – In its place. Somewhere in my bag. “Check” – the voice was bugging me. But, what can happen? I‘ll have a look tomorrow.

In the morning, just before going to the garage, I remembered an evening inner dialogue. I am looking for the keys but they are not there! It’s not possible! I am usually not a spacey person! I remember that my spouse has the other pair of keys. The main thing to do is to get into the car. We need it very much today.

We drove our daughter to daycare and went back to my garage. Dima (my husband) is frantically looking for the key …and he also can’t find it. We checked out all the things we possibly could! How come?! My inner numbness didn’t stop immediately … but I’ve totally forgotten about cleansing!

Quietly I came up to the garage. Turning pebbles at the gate I mentally begged forgiveness: "My dear good garage, If I, my family, my ancestors or relatives offended you in word, thought or deed, please forgive me! I'm 100% responsible for it! I love you. "

As soon as I finished, I heard a joyful “Hurrah!" behind my back. Shaking out his pockets once again, my husband found the key! I got the special gloves from my bag so I wouldn’t get dirty, while opening the oily lock. And here inside the gloves I found my keys.

This was the way that the garage could draw attention to itself. If I were not lazy to check where the key was in the evening then I would have started cleansing earlier. There wouldn’t be panic in the morning. But then there would be no story either.

This incident reminded me that if something needs to be cleansed, then the Creator will find a way to get it to you!

Thank You!


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