Dolphins Are Humans


What we would do without our wonderful cleaning tools? Only God knows how much stuff they work on! They know their job perfectly and do the cleaning non-stop without awareness from our part.

This  Ksenia's  story is about one of the cleaning tools.


Dolphins Are Humans.

Dolphins Are HumansHow  wonderful that Ho’oponopono is not only a chance to correct and clean our life. It is also the way to clean everything that is going on around us and resonates in our hearts. Of course! There is nothing outside of us. Our physical surrounding is a reflection of memories of our family, relatives and ancestors.

So I put into my cleaning list the problem of animal abuse. To be more exact, I was targeting my emotions that cause the experience of it.

There is a great number of cleaning tools in Ho’oponopono that can suit anybody’s taste. ZeroLag Pass is one of my favorite tools and I use it quite often. ZeroLag Pass is a petition of forgiveness and repentance to Divine Mind to transmute memories replaying problems.

To learn  what is  ZeroLag Pass you can watch this video with Ihaleakala Hew Len.

This cleaning tool helped me many times with cleaning serious problems. ZeroLag Pass can be used in some different ways. I usually print it multiple times and write down my concerns on the other side of Zerolag Pass. It works perfectly.

This time my attention was drawing to the problem of treating dolphins in the captivity by their dolphinarium owners. Every time I got to the cleaning of this issue, a great deal of awful details of animal abuse comes up. All those things inside my memory bank? How awful. I want to get rid of that.  

I learned from the TV show how they transport and care for dolphins for the touring dolphinariums. It was painful for me to see this. But it is important not to give up and keep on doing the cleaning. So I did.

The month of cleaning without expectation brought me very good news: “India recognized dolphins as Humans and prohibited to keep dolphins in the dolphinariums!” Huray India! Good start. I sincerely wish all governments will start to appreciate and care for these amazing creatures.



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