Do We Know Who Are We?

8 (1)Morrnah called the process Self-I-Dentity through the Ho’oponopono. The process helps you by cleaning to understand and reveal to you who you are. Do you know who are you?

We never know what we are going to say the next minute, how we are going to behave in this or that situation. Why? We follow memories. Each situation pushes buttons in us and activates the particular memory. That is why we don’t know what is coming next and what reaction you are going to have. Only the Divinity knows what is in you and makes you to act in a certain way. 

By letting go of the memories, I understand more and more that my personality and my behavior are not me. I am more than personality. I am more than my habits. That is why I can’t say what I am like. All is renovating and renewing in me. I discover me to myself.

Hew Len says when he goes to an interview he first takes advice from the Divine. If the Divine lets him go, then he goes, if not, then he doesn’t. He goes to the interview only to get one more chance for cleaning and he always listens to what he is going to say. He says that he never knows what will show up next. I heard on an interview, if he cleans he will say only what the Divinity wants him to say. If he doesn’t clean, then the garbage would show up and affect others.

I clean a lot willingly and gladly. I too, never prepare when I start writing. It reminds me of automatic writing. The Creator is with me and I only push the keyboard with my fingers. After I am done, I just simply read of what was written. Sometimes, I think it is not me. When I talk to the Creator I hear him telling me to just relax and let go so He will do his job. It is fun and very pleasant experience. I would say that it is a result of the cleaning too.

Imagine an onion. Onion has layers. Memories are just like a big onion. If you let go of one layer, the next will come out. So, while cleaning the layers one by one, something new shows up. That is why you never know how you will behave and react. You also will never know how the person you see as your “problem” will change. It is important to remember than when you clean all what have come across is for good according to the Divine’s will.

I illustrate an example with the onion. I am naturally a shy person. I was avoiding people not because I didn’t like people. I was just simply shy. It was an issue for me for a long time. I felt very nervous and wanted to hide.

With the Ho’oponopono cleaning I started to talk to those whom I have never dared even to look at. After few years of doing the process, I am not shy to come up to celebrities and I had chances. I think Ho’oponopono is a hope and salvation for shy people like me.

I love you! 


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    • Jairo Alberto on June 13, 2018 at 2:39 pm
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    Te admiro y Te Amo. Kekaulike

    Estoy atravesando momentos muy difíciles en mi hogar por las deudas; y he hecho lo posible por salir de ellas; pero, siempre se atraviesa algún impedimento, y eso me deja triste y decepcionado, como puedo limpiar esta situación y mejorar mi entorno familiar y encontrar paz, sabiduría y descion para superar esta crisis?
    Gracias por su respuesta.

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