Children Become Happier

Angry with your child? Memories of violence? Clean. Clean. Clean……non-stop.


Children Become Happier

Children Become HappierI had a second child and happily took all the worries away. My relatives and grandparents live in another city, but my mother's fatigue was not a burden to me. I deftly handled it all. I was waiting for my daughter to be born so nothing could upset me or be hard on me. Although …

Children grow up very quickly. One day I experience a situation when my little girl knocks something heavy on the large mirror. I started to explain, why it is not good to do so. But the daughter was pounding even harder! The next moment all I remember is I took a massage brush and lightly tapped daughter and moved her out away from the mirror. In a second my girl took a comb and hit me as hard as she could!

I thought … Or rather remembered that children are our mirror image. I began to notice that I experience more and more parents, screaming and hitting their children! At such times, it is difficult not to judge! Your soul cries.

There are so many books on parenting. Lots of them talk about what can and cannot be done. In everyday life we ​​often pronounce words to a child about what would happen if child will do something wrong. We put in their heads that if something is done out of parent’s control then it is an act of disobedience: "If you do not stop to indulge, you get punished!" Most parents recognize that the act is wrong and they can’t help themselves.

And I'm a sinner in such actions. I played in the program, because my parents were using such methods of education. As well, I now know that there is no one to blame for that. Violence begets only violence. Urgently need to be cleaned!

I am more active on clearing all of memories of violence, anger, and aggression against children.

As soon as I see someone wanting to strike their child for bad behavior, I understand the memory in me about this situation. I immediately start to work on myself. "What is in me that I feel emotional pain when I see the anger of the woman or men to the child? I am 100 percent responsible for this situation! I'm very, very sorry! Please forgive me! I thank you. I love you …” Even a light-looking slap I see as a chance to clear.

Now I see such unpleasant situations rarely. And that to me is a wonderful result!

I am happy to realize that while I clean, Creator deletes the program not only within me but with the people around me, and the children become happier around.

I love you!


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