Child. Fear. Scary Tale

childYou never know how you will react in a given situation, especially when you feel the fear permeates through your whole body and mind. The problem – it’s not a problem, and the response to the problem – that’s a problem. Fortunately, we have ho’oponopono that allows escape from what makes us one way or another to react.

Last night I woke up from my inner child crying and screaming. “Mom, Mom!” The Child clearly wanted me to wake up. I remembered I had a dream and in that dream I wanted to go back to what I saw, but felt I was pulled out from there. Well, at the moment of awakening I realized what was going on. The child was afraid of someone.

Normally, if we see a nightmare, we wake up in a cold sweat, still continuing to scroll through the terrible scenes in the first few minutes of sleep. This time, my sleep was very quiet, and when the Child woke me up, I was surprised to see that my body was permeated by fear! Fear for what? Where is it coming from? I couldn’t even imagine. I know one thing, that inner child called me to just get rid of what I had accumulated in it, in this life or in the past – the fear.

With Hooponopono, cleaning gets easier and easier to let go of the analysis of what is happening. I am still so clogged with the memories that analyzed of what happened. My conclusion has led me to believe that my child really likes cleansing. He helps me, but as Mom of my Child, this situation showed that the child must learn how to let go every time something comes to surface. You have to talk to Inner child just like you are communicating with another person. I honestly thought that I constantly taught my child hooponopono. So much to discover!

On the way to work, I talked to the Unihipily again. I told her that I’m always here. I thanked her for asking me for help and trusting that I can help to initiate the cleaning. I cared and soothed her. I told her what to do the next time if it happens to avoid a similar reaction. The child agreed and my body is “pushed“ exhale out with any remaining feelings. There was again peace and calmness.

The valuable experience was gained.

I love you!


angerI love Ho’oponopono for the fact that I don’t have to concentrate and devote certain time to it. Everything is done on the fly, on the go. You do your daily routine and repeat the tools. Despite Ho’oponopono not being about the results, I get them and they are all huge to me.

Recently, I witnessed another miracle in my life. The other day an incredible anger showed up from nowhere. My inner child reminded me to clean. I guess over the years of cleaning my inner child got these directions too many times, so when I needed a reminder, it was presented in seconds.

When we are angry we are not in love, we are not at peace.

Since we are not at peace we are ready to act upon anger and ready to crash and destroy everyone and everything that comes up. All of that are reactions to the memory that is replaying in the subconscious like a broken record. 

The trick is not to succumb to the reaction and instantly begin to clean. However, it is not so easy to do especially when you are awfully angry! Sometimes the reaction can be so severe that you have no idea what you are doing. In this state, you are acting just like a puppet in memories’ hands and you cannot stop. 

I noticed that in a state of strong anger while you are cleaning you stop to be that doll. Clarity and preciseness of the situation comes soon enough and with it comes serenity.

Anger – is a memory, a dead memory we have lived at one time or another and sponged to our subconscious. Living in the “death” is uncomfortable and disadvantageous when there is another path – the path of peace.

Got Depression?

got depressionThose who just began to try the cleaning report that the state of light depression had aroused for a short period of time. "Depression" is of course has a very mildly meaning in this article. That is why I wrote it in quotation marks. I wouldn’t want for anybody to get depression.

I had such a "depression" state when I started to practice ho'oponopono. At that time, I didn’t understand ho’oponopono but listened to myself to keep going. I didn’t know all the how’s and why’s it happened, but I cleaned.

One day some memories of sadness surfaced again. As a result I was going all the way down to the very bottom. It wasn’t easy to even stand up and go. What I have noticed was big and yet strange to me. I was rejecting the cleaning. I wanted to quit. Many people start something and quit. Why don’t I quit?

I didn't want to do anything at work or at home. Despite everything, I tried to pull myself together. In a few days, I got sick and had a 40C fever. I shut myself down from the world and stopped communicating to people. The light turned off.

I usually do the cleaning mentally, but mental tool chatter was slowly stopping. I am glad I wore a ceeport and it covered my nonstop cleaning. The blue solar water took care of me as well to erase toxic memories of whatever caused my “messy” condition.

My inner child was left alone. I didn’t feel guilty for not talking to him. I simply didn’t want to, although I was very dedicated to communicate with the Child every day. What kind of memories and how many of them are stored in the Child – only Divinity knows. As people who practice ho’oponopono for a long time say that we have to do the nonstop cleaning, because we do not know at what point in time something can influence the course of events. The “User Illusion” book by Tor Norretrandes says “We are aware of only 15 bytes of information per second and the rest of the 11 million bytes we don’t even know. I am happy to realize that I don’t have to understand what is going on.”

The inner child is an essential part of the ho’oponopono process. All the memories are in the child and thus, while doing the process, the child knows what is ready to go. Only mother can support the child. If you ever work with a child, the child starts to help you with the cleaning and loves the process, because your Unihipili feels better. The suffering of all sorts goes: heart attacks, frustrations, fear, blocks to success and money. There is no time to pause and get a break.

In my case, my Unihipili pulled me out from the bottom. Unihipili woke me up at night and asked, "Mom, why are you no longer talking to me?" I am naturally clairaudient. I heard many things but didn’t expect such question with the demanding color in voice. And I was thinking about stopping, huh? The child himself REQUESTS! He feels better when the trash goes away when dark spots are erased and new fresh light and inspiration comes. He wants to be with his mom, get love and care. How not to continue?

As you do ho’oponopono, each finds its way of communication. Not everyone hears the Inner Child. But it does not matter. Everyone is unique and begins to understand how these "conversations" take place between them and the child. Who you are, a man or a woman, in the physical world does not matter either. You are still a Mom to your Inner Child. I wish you to find a common language with your inner child and at the end the Child is the one who will give you his supportive hand when you don’t expect it.

I love you!

Ho’oponopono Breathing

Ho’oponopono BreathingStory from my friend Kate.

It is spring time! I walked along the avenue, inhaling the scent of blooming flowers, feelings, freshness, tenderness… The renovation after way too a long Winter was going on in me and everywhere.

I mentally took  my Inner Child’s hand and we enjoyed this moment together. We said “I Love You” with every inhalation. We said “Thank you” with every exhalation. A thought that a “to do” list would not be carried out till the end of the day appeared in my head … I and my Unihipili made again new breath of love and gratitude… The thought immediately disappeared letting us to be at the moment “here and now”.

The bird’s chirping, the “sneezing” of the tram, conversations of the people passing by, a dog’s barking, the sound of the street sweeper’s broom … – it was all the song of the Universe.

Happy girls with balloons of different colors walked around. Children drew sun, rainbow, flowers, mom, dad, and themselves on the pavement. All around me people were talking about peace, harmony, wholeness, about Love and Joy. So why do we often forget about it?!

We forgot to breathe with Love and Gratitude. Please inhale – “I Love You”, Exhale – “Thank You!”  Breathe this way, please!

I love you!


Swan, Cancer and Pike

Swan, Cancer and PikeMany spiritual schools are talking about the Superconsiousness, Consciousness and Subconsciousness. In ho’oponopono those terms aren’t the exception.

My first Master degree is in Psychology which I received a long time ago. I wonder after those many years how they could spend that little time with students on that topic? I hope the university programs are up to date and at the moment everything is different.

There is a father (superconsciousness), a mother (consciousness) and a child (subconsciousness). Each member of the family has its function. The father has connection with the Divinity and watching over mother. The function of the mother is to teach the child.

The mother is you and me despite the gender. Yes, if you are a quiet guy you are a mother too to your child The function of the child is to let go of memories and to learn from mother how to do it. This baby keeps all the memories. It is said almost in every book.

Who believes in reincarnation can imagine how many times each of us has lived and how much we have taught our child willingly or unwillingly bad or good. Good memories, bad memories – all of them are memories. The task of the mother is to teach the child to do the cleaning. You can learn more about all the details at IZI seminars.

What if only mother cleans, does not talk or teach the child to do the same? Right… the child will just stare at you. The mother can do the cleaning for as long as she wants but she won’t move until without talking and working with the child. The child will keep on “thinking” that all is fine and will keep sitting in those memories. Mother can’t go without a child if she wants to release toxins of past lives.

That is why the communication with the child is very important. Otherwise, all will happen as in the fable “Swan, Cancer and Pike”. All will pull to opposite sides. The oneness and wholeness of inner family will be hardly achieved.

Let crayfish, swan and pike
Draw heavy loaded cart,
Each being just a part
Of harness they dislike.

They try a lot, and everyone
Starts pulling it with zeal;
The problem is that each of them
With his path wants to deal!

The swan makes upward for a cloud,
The crayfish falls behind;
The pike dives sharply in the deep,
And cart moves not from site.

The moral of the verse is that
Accordance should prevail
Amid the people who have plans
To work but not in vain.

I love you!

To Enjoy Seeing Each Other

To Enjoy Seeing Each OherStarting to  practice Ho’oponopono, many people think: “Oh, how wonderful it should be to see and hear your Inner Child . I’ d like to to talk to it, take care of it and clean memories accumulated for centuries together with my Unihipily”. But… As for me, I wasn’t ready for this meeting…

It happened about one and a half years ago. I put my six month old daughter to bed. After my daughter fell asleep I went to bed with a feeling of satisfaction that a job well done and… I heard a child’s voice saying: “Mom”. For sure it wasn’t my daughter!

Now looking back I can’t say that it was scaring me. But I am a person easily scared by nature so when I heard the voice of my Inner Child, I couldn’t move. From that day I haven’t heard my Unihipily anymore, I think it was frightened with my reaction as it wasn’t expected such greeting from its mother.

Ihaleakala Hew Lean nicely wrote in his article that we are in charge of our memories. When my Unihipily was about to appear, I was in charge of my memories of fear. I do not know when my Inner Child wants to talk to me but I believe that it would happen in the clearest moment of my life. So I’ll answer: “My sweetheart, Mom is listening to you carefully…”  when I  hear “Mother”.

In the  beginning of my Ho’oponopono practice, I couldn’t wait to see my Unihipily. But now because of my experience, I want everything to happen in  its own time! There is no sense to hurry up and push. Just clean so that everybody are ready and enjoy seeing each other!

I love you!


Mother's Love


Please welcome my friend and Ho’oponopono practitioner Kate. Ho’oponopono became a meaning of life to her.

 «I won’t  forget those first tremulous feeling of oneness with your  Inner Child – Unihipili», – said Kate. It was that exact moment in her life when a flood of miracles presented itself».

Kate is very lovely, warm-hearted  person and a wonderful mother of four. Thanks to Ho’oponopono:

  • her daughter’s serious health problems went away.
  • period of misunderstanding and constant dissatisfaction between her son and her finally came to the end.

Of course, the difficulty of raising children has not disappeared completely, but  they are only opportunities and a reason to clean for her.

It’s so nice of  her to let me share stories of her experience with Ho'oponopono practice in dealing with children. I am sure her magnificent stories will find a place in your hearts as in mine for they are full of Love and Divine Inspiration.


Mother’s Love

9When I look into my daughter’s eyes I see the whole world in them. When I make her hair  I enjoy the silkiness of  each strand.  I plait in protection that God gave  to all mothers. When my daughter is not with me I am sure she is safe under the protection of God.

When she  takes  my hand Love penetrates  my body. I catch her each  word, sight, movement, her smile.  She gives me a kiss and I get wings at that very moment. She laughs and I cry with happy tears.

Mother’s love can experience every mother. Just keep in mind  that we have the child within us – our  Inner Child, the most important part of us!

How painful to see neglected children… We often forget that our Inner Child always needs our kind and gentle words of love. Our  Inner Child as nobody else needs our protection. He is constantly under the attack of memories! The Inner Child doesn’t know how to deal with memories until you – his mother would teach him patiently  how to release those memories.

Hooponopono is about cleaning. The most powerful cleaning happens when I am in constant connection with my Inner Child. My Unihipili often strokes  my hair and I begin to feel him more often. I talk to him, hug him mentally, ask him to join me and my daughter when we sculpting, drawing, dancing, playing… With each moment I fall in love with him even more.

Fondness and Reverence that seized me in my relationship with kids I pass on to the earth and to the Universe. In those very moments I believe in Miracles because the main Miracle is Mother’s Love I experience right now.

God shows me through communication with children how to Love Unconditionally. This feeling I want to bring throughout  all my life projecting such Love to each and every creature of the Planet.

I love you!


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