I am confident that in very difficult situations you need to remind yourself to do the Ho’oponopono process. Otherwise, expect an avalanche of stormy emotions as anger, disappointment and resentment. And then they just stay with you forever…

An example to the above prose.

My company has moved to a new building. During the move, I was on vacation. Before my departure, I saw a new place and I knew where our office will be located.

Every employee has its cubical to create the sense of security and calmness, to be sure that no one is looking behind your shoulders and how you work. Kind of nice privacy.

I returned to the office. Of course all the good spaces were already taken. I ended up in the center of the office and completely without windows and doors. I felt (excuse my language) in the lavatory but without the walls.

Anger, resentment and despair came up inside me. Everything burned and hurt. The only thing I said to my boss is that it’s not comfortable for me to work like this. Intellectually, I realized that I missed my chance.. All the places were occupied by the directors and managers. I do not have such a position to require a place of honor. I did not need a cool office with windows from floor to ceiling. I needed just a corner with walls. I did not want to sit in the field, where everyone aims to see what I’m doing. I am a very closed person and this situation made me cry. Maybe it sounds funny now but it wasn’t back then.

Frustration came out. There was an inevitability to work in such conditions. In feeling angry I began my Ho’oponopono process. I didn’t feel gratitude, no love. Just black dusty low feelings. I began to thank my new super-duper table, new phone, desk, etc.

The sorrows started to leave me. Then I didn’t care anymore. It wasn’t important. I realize now it was important.

By the end of the day, I was announced that I will exchange seats with one director! He is rarely in the office, so he does not need walls. Hm?

Now I have a new cozy room with walls! Although, it seemed… nothing can be rectified.

That is how the process works.

Thank you!


I used to live in the suburb of Boston. And I worked in Boston itself. It’s not a great idea to drive there in the morning. Traffic jams, cars. I must say I am not a fan.

Fortunately there is an alternative – a favorite train. I used the train every day, except the days when I worked from home. After the Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono class, I began to thank my train as a live being when entering and getting out when I remembered.

The railroad company had and probably still have a rule – one conductor for two carriages. I noticed the conductor, who checks all tickets, says “Thank you!” to everyone. When we leave train, his job is to ensure than everyone has left the carriage safely and soundly. Some passengers thank him, and some just wish a good evening and so on. Looks like an ordinary picture… But I am with Hooponopono. I looked at this from a different stand point. From the side of the conductor. No matter what they say – he always say “Thank you!” Often he says without emotions, just says it automatically.

Suddenly I remembered the words of Ihaleakala “Just do it!”. No need to think and analyze, just pronounce the Ho’oponopono tool. And it is not only my conductor, but also other conductors do the same. They are the same – Grateful-speaking.

It is probably a part of their service. They should behave like that with passengers. And that is cool! I traveled on a train filled with the cleansing energy, thanks to these people, who even do not realize what they do for the Universe!

That is why they have so many passengers, despite that sometimes trains break. A good note for businessmen! I don’t travel by train anymore. I think I cut my cords with it and with the people on the train I saw many years.

I love you! 

Work, Work, Work…

workThere are times when work is making you so tense to such an extent that you can’t sleep at night. You are disappointed and get constrained; the body shrinks as if someone beats it up. Does it happen? Of course! That is how disappointment works. Do not forget, it is only a memory that plays in the subconsciousness, or, as they say in Ho’oponopono, the memory that replays disappointment is held by the inner child.

Several days ago, all went wrong at my work. To tell you the truth, all was fine at work itself. It is me who had created those mass of problems and I felt as I am in the darkness. I thanked my inner child, who reminded me to use one of the Ho’oponopono tools. I can’t reveal the tool itself, since I have no right to spread that copyright information. It is taught at IZI Ho’oponopono seminars.

I used that tool for day and a half. This tool helps with uncertainties. I felt I am a bucket full of uncertainties and I was about to break loose and spill it all over. All those feelings went right under my erasing tool. The next day when I came to work I was feeling lighter in my soul and was sure that I would manage what I had to do.

The task, that usually takes 4-5 hours to perform, was done within 15 minutes! In addition, other things were resolved as well! I felt clear. I saw clear. I heard clear. It was such a blessing!

My work involves noticing small and big details. In most cases I pay huge attention and spend quite some time to find the errors and fix them. This time it was different!!! “Clean first and then do the work”- became my new motto.

Thank the Divinity for this tool!

I love you

Money Like Pegeons…

Aloha! Here is the story of my friend Ksenia


Money Like Pegeons…

Money Like PegeonsThere are a lot of sayings and proverbs about money that were made by people in order to justify their program of lack of money:

“Money is the root of all evil”, “Poverty is no sin”, “A friend in court is better than a penny in purse”.

These proverbs are used to excuse empty pockets by most of the people. I am not an exception either.

The strongest memory of poverty still prevails over my Consciousness and Subconsciousness. It turnes out that we can’t  drive a luxury car, drink exotic cocktails on the sunny beath, wear designer clothes because of bad relationship with  Unihipily of Money!

At the Personal Session with Keakaulike, I learned that money has taken offense with me. No wonder some time ago I had a lot of bank loans and my money didn’t like to be taken that way. Oh, if only  I knew that. Who knows how I treated  money in my past lives. I am sure there is a long story to it, but now I have a chance to make amends and clean my money situation.

After the personal session, I woke up and became aware! Thanks to her gift of seeing and hearing the spirit world, Keukalike  was able to  bring to me in simple words what money feels, what  it  looks  like, what attitude it needs toward itself and  even how I could make peace with it. I experienced all the pain and offenses of money. I felt how much love and protection it needs. Money needs us as well as we need money! They need love as we humans need love. Now I know what should I pay attention to in my cleaning. I believe that everything will be fine!

Ho’oponopono helps me to become friends and to get better in my relationships with money! Every day I talk to them, ask forgiveness for whatever I did.

Only now thanks to Ho’oponopono, I started to get wealth moments without hard painful physical and emotional efforts. My conscious mind sees light in financial area of my life. There is a proverb about money:

“Money are like pigeons. They will live where it feels like at home, will live there where it feels at home”.  I want them to feel at my heart just like at home.

Good relationships with money is the key to our financial well-being. I know I am getting there.


Do not Miss Your Problem

Do not Miss Your ProblemThe story from Incha.

Aloha! It was time to write the article but I seemed stuck and didn’t see significant changes in my life to share with you.

However, after introspection, I began to realize that Ho’oponopono cleaning changes my life constantly, every day, every moment of life. This is like to meet a friend whom you haven’t seen for ages. You see yourself in the mirror every day. You think that you haven’t changed much but a friend suddenly says: Wow, I hardly recognize you! The same thing happens with the results of applying Ho’oponopono tools. You see no changes, but…

I use Ho’oponopono tools as passwords in my computer. After changing password once again another memory came up. I rejected it long ago and didn’t want to accept it. 

The structure of our salary payment was fully changed at my work. As a result of this changes the supervisors would be deprived of bonuses up to 50% . Now everything would be tied to the amount of work the department has completed. If they wouldn’t meet the requirements, then no bonus.

What should I do? How to live? I am to blame somebody else for my troubles… Kidding… Sure I take 100% responsibility for not meeting the plan for a half of a year.

The situation at my husband’s work is the opposite to mine and is getting better piece by piece. The boss he used to successfully work with has returned back to his team. There is a better reorganization plan that is cooking for the company that would allow to enjoy work even more.

What is it if not the result of my choice to do the cleaning from which my life depends upon. How many memories unfold that we consider to be the problems. These memories are held by our Unihipily over the centuries. No wonder that the first reaction is resistant. But it is worth to remember that the problem is an indication to what we should work with.

When anger goes away, I feel gratitude for the chance to move forward. Through the acceptance of the situation, you get powers and inspiration. You begin to send love, gratitude, and forgiveness to people and to the situations. You feel that heaviness and tension disappeared and everything does not seem to be so hopeless.

To me it turns out that every unpleasant situation moves us to the pleasant one if you chose cleaning. Only constant work in cleaning  brings its fruits. But green fruits are usually sour. That’s why I should remember that there is no sense to hurry up God with the results of cleaning!

The Creator doesn’t give us tasks beyond our strength. I used to go in for snowboarding a little bit. Now I want to be a snowboarder in Ho’oponopono that means to catch all the unpleasant situations as an invitation to do the cleaning. In such a way the snowboarder catches all the tracks and springboards using them with skill.


Money Blocks

scrudgeWhy am I constantly trying to earn enough money throughout my life and never get enough? Why I always lacking them? Why, really? Well, there are a lot of us out there why-ers…

We do all as the memory dictate. We cannot control anything consciously since all memories come from the subconscious. And imagine that the same is about our attitude to money.

After a while of doing the cleaning, I started to recognize all the thoughts that run around in your mind regarding particular issues with money. Of course, it is not easily captured but I found that I get those moments more and more while doing the cleaning. I feel like someone turned on the shower and all the thoughts start to immediately pour over you.

Positive books write about some kind of blocks that exist and are not letting money to come in. Some even say beautifully “you block your wealth yourself”. I agree with the phrase, but the variety of stunning methods of eliminating them are not always clear. Then why are so many people still remain where they are after reading books and practicing methods? Eh?

In the film “Secret” they say a lot that you have to have positive thinking, positive mood, think about the desired things and how would you feel if you had the desired object. In other words, push yourself fully into the wish and live in that picture as long as possible. Yes, that works, but for some reason not for all. My guess is you have to dedicate your time for that. Sit or lie on the couch, imagine once or several times a day. A discipline is needed. But what about those who have small children, parental meetings, cleaning, cooking…? I bet they can hardly free their time for themselves to imagine all of that.

I thank the Divine for I have found Ho’oponopono. I practice it and live the life as usual. Yes, no one hears or sees what I am doing. I mean humans. I talk, eat, work – the process is on. I also have a mass of tools to aid not to cease the process.

Since I work on cleaning of my relations with money, I have started to feel the shift in me regarding it. My attitude towards money has changed a lot.

Here is an example, my boss one day came and said that his umbrella costs $900. As I remember, I used to have such reactions in my head before as “Greedy! He could have raised my salary.” That is a block against money. How can you be opened to them if you don’t get happy for others if he can afford something?

My Calling

New insights at work.From Incha

My CallingAt first glance a very serious situation happened at my work. It threatened writing an explanatory report at least. My supervisor identified an error in my subordinate’s work. I did not remove the guilt from myself as the control of the employees’ work was one of my duties. Thanks to the Creator, HE did not let me lose my self-control so I was able to accept 100% responsibility for the situation.

Every morning I read Morrnah’s prayer “I” am the “I”. I go to work saying Ho’oponopono tools in my head. During the day I apply different cleaning tools. So when this situation happened, of course, I wasn’t happy but truly took it as a chance to clean those memories that caused the employee’s error.

As soon as I began to use Ho’oponopono tools to this situation, everything was resolved for the best. We found the documents that easily proved why an employee made that error. So the trouble was easily resolved.

Once again I had a chance to make a choice. I didn’t rush to judgment “good – bad”, “guilty – not guilty”, “fair – not fair,” “sacrifice – attacking” … I chose cleaning.

I am grateful to the Creator for allowing me to see the result of applying Ho’oponopono tools and his work of cleaning my memories almost instantly.

It doesn’t mean that I won’t have problems anymore but when I am in the cleaning process, every moment of my life makes me get closer to the the Creator. If I am true to my path – do my part in cleaning, applying Ho’oponopono tools, than the Creator will do his part – clear away my memories.

Life transforms in miraculous ways, changing life’s colors. Inspiration, joy, beauty, abundance come into my life. The Creator is constantly ready to give me all this out of his hands.

If what you do what you do for 24 hours a day without asking money for your work, then this is your calling – the meaning of life! I can assume that I found my calling. I like to use Ho’oponopono tools 24 hours a day and I’m happy to do it for free, and everywhere: at home, on seeing somebody, at work, on vacation … I am happy  to have  “further education courses” in this  area –  IZI LLC Classes!

Thank you!


How to Survive at Work

how to survive at workThe other day I was so happy to hear about the Miracles  that  have had my  Ho’oponopono friends  and suddenly  one thought came to my mind: Are  there any Miracles-Results in my life from the cleaning?

Maybe my  Miracles  are  like  little children  so small yet – but  that is just my perception… I am the person who wants to do the  job as quickly  as possible. As a result  once I complete with one here comes another task. This way I never free. This goes on till the end of the working day. I can’t finish  with all planned  stuff and begin new day from the clean list.

At my previous work I always left  couple of papers  for the next day  in case if there is  nothing to do tomorrow. Then I came to that point that I had no job to do not only in the  next morning but I had no business at all.

I decided to trust amount of my work to the Universe and do all the tasks quietly not in a hurry. Now I do correction with my job differently. Now I say to my list of  projects “I Love You” and “Thank You”.

I open my email box with words “I love you” on my lips. What I monitor is: within a week the quality of work increased, the amount of work lessened dramatically without changing efficiency.

Great pleasure do NOT BEING IN HURRY before your day starts. It gives me a chance to say “I love you” to my work place, to my office. I noticed at the end of the day I stopped running away from work like from some kind of disease and instead with gratitude for my day. Big  difference.

My  work with documents has changed. Before I  sign  any document I say to it  I Love You and Thank You. After getting the task  that should be done immediately  I don’t  become irritate and angry. I just keep  saying Thank You for the task that chose me and nobody else in my office! Probably  doing  this  kind of cleaning helps me to rise above and step to a new lever  through acceptance, love and gratitude.

I come to work couple hours earlier than other colleagues. I spray my office with blue solar water. My office returned me a favor of gratitude – my boss gave me unexpected vacation.

Yes. I couldn’t fully fall in love with my job. I have had a hard time to love my responsibilities. I am happy I have the opportunity to clean with it and change everything. Changes  happening all the time. I became less negative towards things that irritated me at work. I began wanting prosperity to all my colleagues and my company! That is a biggy! 

Thanks to my job I got to thinking  what  I really want in my life. I love my work, my office and my company. Now I have no negative feeling  towards my job and wish it all the best.

I became aware that everything   of a great  importance  can’t be done in a rush basis. I realize that  no sense being in a hurry because there are much more important things in our life  – not to late to say Thank You and I Love You to everything that is around me!

Peace begins with me!


Debt and Debt Holes

debt and debt holesFor some reason when you are dealing with money there is always debt situations that show up on the surface. What is going on when somebody owes us money?

The first reaction of individual is the anger. Person talks out loud negative things toward the one he owe the money or, the best scenario is thinking bad thoughts without sceaming out loud. As you see the quiet or heavy explosive aggression is the experience of many when it comes to debt. There is no peace in your heart!

Imagine yourself to be The Money. If you are The Money would you go to the aggressive person that destroys everything around? What if the aggressive person will hit you badly? As Money you feel the fear. If I would be The Money, I wouldn't go to destroyer for sure. I am positive you wouldn’t go either. Keeping a distance is the best recipe, don’t you think?

This is one of the reasons why Money wants to go away from a person rather than to stay! You owe or somebody owes you are the memories that are stuck in you!!! You don’t have to search for a guilty one. There is no need even to eat yourself up for that! You are created perfect anyway. The only one thing that is not ideal is the memory that runs me and you.

Money is alive just like you. They can speak. Thanks to Ho’oponopono I started to listen to them and hear them.

From my personal experience of talking to Money I can say one thing – they are open and offensive just like kids. They behave with you the way you behave with them.

At the beginning when I just started my first weak conversations with them they were very "icy". They didn’t speak to me. Little did I know they began to melt down.

I and my inner child has a tradition to say thanks before going to bed. I name everyone in my mind who I am giving my gratitude. I forget to say thanks to Money but luckily it is not the case with my Unihipily that reminds me: Say to Money “Thank you”!


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