Divine Message

messageI heard a story about Morrnah that happened in her childhood. One day she saw a big hand reaching out from the sky down to earth near the bridge. She was afraid to cross that bridge. Later on she said that it was Divinity’s Hand.

Divine light always exists and is trying to reach to every man on the planet. Divinity is always talking to us. We are the ones that don’t hear Him. Our memories or programs block His messages.

By letting go of our programs we get closer and closer to the Divine. It gets easier for us to notice His miracles, to hear His communication that may occur in variations that only you can understand.

Those who practice Ho’oponopono for a long period of time are saying:

– All problems are being solved by themselves effortlessly. Even the most difficult situation turns out the way you wouldn’t expect.

– Everything changes when you change

-You become more sensitive to your surroundings.

The last point is true in my life. I definitely became more sensitive. Sometimes, when I enter a room full of unknown people, I feel those who hold offence to each other. I don’t have to talk to them. I sometimes even see them for the first time in my life and yet I feel there is an offence. Later on I hear the stories that validate it.

How do I know? I don’t know. It is hard to describe. I accept it as a new opportunity to clean, because if I experience it that means I have a common memory with these people, a common program which I have to let go. It is a gentle message from Divinity to let me know that I need cleaning to do.

I start repeating in my mind “I love you”. It erases from me and thus from the whole Universe, including You.

I love you!

The Bus Stop

humanI go back to the topic about talking with things.

Once upon a time on my way back home, I was waiting for my husband at the bus stop. It was cold and the wind was freezing. I decided to go under the roof of the bus stop and hide from the wind.

I was repeating my sacred tools. Suddenly, I paid attention to the booth itself. How could I pass it by every day and not thank it?

I immediately started to talk to it. First I asked to forgive me for I had not noticed it for a long time. Then I thanked it for all that it does to humans: protects them from the rain and wind, always greeting people and never sends them away. Finally, I said that I loved it.

Not waiting for any response I simply continued to repeat “I love you” in my mind. It was evening, I had nothing to do…I did not hurry anywhere. The bus stop did not make me to wait for long for the response. Instead, I was shockingly surprised “You are a human!” I kept on cleaning. It repeated several times: “You are a human! You are a human!”

I don’t know what it wanted to say. I only learned from it that even a Bus Stop booth can be surprised just like people. It was amazed and glad at the same time that someone in the whole world for the first time talked to it.

As Hew Len says, each thing has its own Identity, own feelings and affections. This situation showed that they have emotions as well. Hew Len also says that we should ask for their names. I also think that for the next time I should get acquainted and introduce myself in proper manner. Haha!

I love you!

Plane to Jamaica

Ho’oponopono toolsMy long expected vacation week has come. I spent it on the island of Jamaica, in the Caribbean sea. A tropic heaven full of beauty and grace. 

I put in my suitcase the Ho’oponopono tools besides my clothes.

On some interviews Ihaleakala Hew Len mentioned that he talked to a plane. He cleaned and thanked the plane. The plane started to complain that no one thanked it for its service. Then the plane asked Hew Len what he was reading. Hew Len offered the plane a book, told it about ho’oponopono and it turned out that the plane did not accept the idea seriously …As people do!

Remembering that planes also need love and gratitude, I had started to clean the route, particularly planes, long before launching the trip. Surely I knew which air company would take me there. I talked to the company, talked to the plane.

We had to take two planes to go there. I saw in my minds eyes that the first plane will deliver us with no problem.

While in the waiting area expecting for airport staff to call us on board, I saw the plane that we had to go into. I realized that it was the plane I was talking for several weeks. Once I got that suddenly it responded to me interrupting my stream of thoughts:“Is that you?” Seems it was surprised to see me there.

We did not get into any turbulent zone during the flight. The flight passed smoothly and calmly. My inner child did his best and made me sleep. So the flight seemed to last only 30 minutes. Everything happened the way I was shown.

Thank you, plane!

I love you!   

Glass Vibrations

Glass VibrationsAmazing, but really, we do not notice many things around us that serve us every day in our lives. We accept them for granted. However each thing, even an “inanimate one”, needs love…

Hawaiians see everything as a live object. There is no such thing as an ‘inanimate’ object. All around us is alive. All is created by the Divinity.

Let’s observe the chain of how things are flowing with an ordinary glass. Someone over a hundred years ago played with sand and discovered that glass can be made from it. Inspiration received from the Divinity helped the masters to produce many wonderful glass samples. So the inspired human was not the creator but a channel for Divine creation. Let’s keep going. Inspired masters added some color to the glass and a miracle happened! We fill our eyes with beauty by observing wonderful Christmas-tree decorations, vases etc.

In daily life we never praise our house, even the same elevator that serves us every day and more than once a day never gets our appreciation! 

By saying “I love you” and “Thank you” we appeal to the Divinity to erase programs. “I love you” is passed not only through the glass, but all those whose hands, minds, skills once touched sand, soil, people who walked on the Earth, families of the masters, their relatives and ancestors.

Amazing, isn’t it? The importance is that we don’t have to know what is erased or which errors we made since the beginning of our existence.

I visited a restaurant today. I cleaned before the meal, during, and after eating. I hear how things speak while cleaning. Sometimes I hear thoughts and phrases, but this time I felt different – a vibration. I thanked and loved all around and suddenly…I heard that my glass of water started to complain! The vibration was anxious. It was tired. The glass told me that a lot of people drank from it and he can hardly carry that energetic load. It asked me to clean it since it heard and “saw” what the cleaning does.

Without any hesitation I used one of my lovely Ho’oponopono tools. In several minutes I felt the glass got better. It freed itself …And I felt better too.

Not everyone hears, not everyone sees, but if to practice Ho’oponopono you would feel a full trust to the Universe. The Universe itself finds ways of communication with you when and where necessary. The importance is to continue cleaning.

I thanked my glass and the Divinity for this little restaurant conversation and inspiration to write this story.

I love you!


In Zero? Open up to Divine!

rainbowIn Ho’oponopono, there is a concept about the zero. This state is in second but familiar to those who practice on daily basis. Zero state – no thoughts, no judgments, no bad, no good. Joe Vitale wrote in his book "Zero Limits” that staying at zero, everything is possible.

A remarkable example of being in the moment of Zero where everything is possible is Michael Shane. He was born with the special gift while being at zero state to "spit" out of his mouth sapphires, emeralds, gold spoons, rings, coins, and so on. His phenomenon was studied long and tediously, but scientists have not managed to scan how it happens.

They examined him and thought at first that he is hiding objects, like a magician. On an interview, Michael explains his condition only as Zero and says that he works with Teachers – those who have lived before on the physical plane and reached enlightenment, another words accented masters. Among them Buddha, Jesus, and many others. What is going on with him breaking all the valid laws of physics? Who does that? Michael says God.

When I saw this video, the first thought I had an absolutely down to earth, "Oh, He can open a jewelry shop!" However, as you will see for yourself he gives gems to people who came to see presentation how he does “spit” objects alive. Each item comes with the message for the individual. For example, a woman he gave a ring received from the Enlightened "Thank you for what you're doing."

His first stone came out when he was 7. It was an 88-carat sapphire.

When we clean our worries, we come to that Zero state when sapphires are not that important, but closeness to the Creator and peace of mind – the main reward.

Watch the video for yourself. The video is live performance as they say. Everything is possible at Zero!


The Name

fantasyThere is a concept in many religious and nonreligious teachings that a person born should be given the correct name.

If a person or a business have been given the wrong names, then it surely doesn’t do any good to a person or to a business.

We are the humans. When giving the name to a child, we do not always use the Inspiration. Most of the time we are littered with programs and are not cleaned up. The person gives the name to a child being based on his programs, without asking the Creator, the Universe (call it what you want).

In Joe Vitale’s book Zero Limits he told us that he had noticed that many of the people who were present at the seminar had Hawaiian names, though they were not Hawaiians. Joe asked Hew Len about the Hawaiian name for himself … Remember?

All year, after my first seminar, the idea of getting a Hawaiian name often came to my mind.

One day, just before the seminar, I was busy with my home routine, and suddenly asked this question to the Creator. I had the reason to get the name and the main one was more deep cleansing. I asked for the name that when I or people pronounce the name it would clean all of my connections with people. I wanted a name to be a cleansing tool for me.

I heard a name for myself. At first I heard as it was «far away» after a few minutes of cleansing. I distinctly heard the ending of the name. Soon the rest of the name came. But I’m a human being, and immediately began to analyze. Hmm, what if that name doesn’t exist! I was not familiar with Hawaiian names ….The consciousness needed proof.

During the first break of the seminar, I came to Hew Len and asked him to give me a Hawaiian name. At first he said that it was not yet time to ask this question. He asked me whether I was from Hawaii. I said “No”.

Suddenly he asked for a pen and a piece of paper. I had already known what he was writing. It was the name I had heard myself. I had a look and said to him: “Oh, yes, I heard it already”.

Everything we need is to trust the Creator. Well, we have to work on that.

The name that we both heard was Kekaulike. When I heard it first, I was puzzled. There were some questions (questions were the indicator of memories replaying) whether this name existed or not!

I asked what did this name mean? “I have no idea! You have to look it up”.

Each Hawaiian name has its own meaning. My searches were not successful as I wished it would be. I found out that this name was used by royal people. The meaning of this name is “equality, equality of rights, proportionality”.

Despite my hard analysis I got the name that is cleaning and learned that Divinity is responding to my quests… Consciousness is still trying to understand!

I love you!

Ho’oponopono about past lives…

Ho’oponopono About Past LivesMany times I heard different spiritual practices say that all responses are in us.

I have never understood that. And not only me. No one explains anything in details for a person like me who likes clear and literal understanding. All explanations usually were cloudy behind nice and beautiful spiritual words. There is no clarification.   

One of the reasons of my being in Ho’oponopono is transparency and clarity. Unexplained things are explained for better understanding by our intellect. For example, a human got seriously sick. Immediately everyone thinks: aha! that is genetic, it runs in her/his family, he got cold in freezing day and so on.

Well it is understandable with the cold on freezing day but not so much clarity with the genetics. Where did that very ancestor get the disease and why passed it to you? Did he hate you so much that shared the disease with you? That has always interested me.

Ho’oponopono looks at the root of the problem.

According to Ho’oponopono, all information is about present and past lives, all little and big details are kept in the subconsciousness. Millions, billions of programs replay each second, however we realize nothing…It only seems like we see and know everything. Not at all! That is why we think that clairvoyance is a paranormal case. That is questionable who is normal and who is paranormal in this case…

So it means all information is in me. In my subconsciousness (in inner child). I own it. It simply is hidden and covered with piles and piles of memories. That is why I can’t get to the answer easily.

I remembered and thought about the “in me” concept when my ho’oponopono friend Juliya has told me what she has heard on a recent Podcast: “if you ask a question here, that means you dealt with Ho’oponopono in your past lives”.

I have remembered a case from my experience that once I woke up at night and heard my Inner Child speak to someone: “I led her to ho’oponopono for such a long time!”. I don’t know whom my inner child was talking to, but he knew perfectly what exactly would help the Child to get rid of memories and problems. He led me to this practice. Thank you! The Inner Child knew before I learned it in this lifetime.

I have been studying different spiritual practices for 11 years and have not stayed too long with any of them. I just felt they don’t quite suit me.

Now I realize that those spiritual practices were steps toward Ho’oponopono. Infinite love and gratitude to them! They deserve it! All of them work! Just everyone has to find their own path.

I love you!

Garage or The Key With Hawaiian Method


Did you say "I Love You" to your garage? No? Today is the time to say it…


Garage or The Key With Hawaiian Method

Garage or The Key With Hawaiian MethodI am going to bed. Tomorrow I have a lot of things to do. Here is a voice inside of my head: Check where the key is. Where? – In its place. Somewhere in my bag. “Check” – the voice was bugging me. But, what can happen? I‘ll have a look tomorrow.

In the morning, just before going to the garage, I remembered an evening inner dialogue. I am looking for the keys but they are not there! It’s not possible! I am usually not a spacey person! I remember that my spouse has the other pair of keys. The main thing to do is to get into the car. We need it very much today.

We drove our daughter to daycare and went back to my garage. Dima (my husband) is frantically looking for the key …and he also can’t find it. We checked out all the things we possibly could! How come?! My inner numbness didn’t stop immediately … but I’ve totally forgotten about cleansing!

Quietly I came up to the garage. Turning pebbles at the gate I mentally begged forgiveness: "My dear good garage, If I, my family, my ancestors or relatives offended you in word, thought or deed, please forgive me! I'm 100% responsible for it! I love you. "

As soon as I finished, I heard a joyful “Hurrah!" behind my back. Shaking out his pockets once again, my husband found the key! I got the special gloves from my bag so I wouldn’t get dirty, while opening the oily lock. And here inside the gloves I found my keys.

This was the way that the garage could draw attention to itself. If I were not lazy to check where the key was in the evening then I would have started cleansing earlier. There wouldn’t be panic in the morning. But then there would be no story either.

This incident reminded me that if something needs to be cleansed, then the Creator will find a way to get it to you!

Thank You!


Teach Me to What You Do!

teach me to what you doWe were looking for a new apartment for rent for a long time. With cleaning time boundaries stop existing and you get what you need in the right time in the right place. So we happened to find a wonderful apartment for a nice price. To be more exact, this apartment came to our life. It was spacious, light, with big windows and modern furniture. It seemed that the apartment was quite friendly to us…

The room that was supposed to be a bedroom for our daughter didn’t look like it was for a child. More than a half of the room was majestically occupied by a large black marble bed. Elegant of course… but not for a 7 years old girl!

I asked our landlady to replace the bed. The landlady was happy to take away her marble bed and brought us a small one made of wood. That bed didn’t look good in this apartment with luxurious furniture. So what? We have more room for playing.

I suppose our apartment was watching us what else we can change. Of course it didn’t occur to us to ask the apartment for permission to change the bed.

A few days later the window in the daughter’s bedroom was broken. What was the reason for it? It just broke into small pieces.

We should have the new window fixed. While the workers did their job I did mine. Besides I washed and cleaned the room for several days I got a chance to say to my apartment I am sorry, Please forgive me for however I offended you.

I couldn’t even guess that our apartment had a reason to get angry with us. Small bugs that spread all over the apartment in mysterious ways helped us to learn what happened.

After a while me and my daughter went to see my parents for a month. My husband was “lucky” to deal with those uninvited guests. He had to throw a lot of products as there was no sense to save them. Bugs attacked all the  food stocks and were not going to leave our home. My husband kept washing the kitchen and throwing food … washing and throwing till one night he couldn’t stand this anymore and asked: "Well, how long it could be going like this?!"

-Why did you start to make changes, did I ask you? – the apartment started to communicate.

-What did we do wrong? Bed …Sure… So did it all happened because of bed? – My husband was too much astonished.

-And what do you want? – he asked.

-Well, teach me to what you do! – apartment responded in a strict voice. Of course it meant Ho’oponopono.

-Here we go… I should teach the work and everything around me… you also want me to teach you – kept on grumbling my husband. He was tired after working day and needed rest.

But how he could dare to say no to apartment. Ok… Lets learn. And he told apartment about Ho’oponopono on the base of his own experience.

What happened next? Unbelievable, but the bugs disappeared in the same mysterious way as well as they came into our apartment. The apartment promised that there would be no bugs anymore and kept his word.

Thank you!

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