What is the best way to start the cleaning? You may use the “I” Am the “I” tool by Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona. For more languages please visit the Foundation of I website

The “I” am the “I” prayer is given as a gift from The Foundation of I, Inc. Freedom of the Cosmos.

Thank you to all participants of your inspiration to create this video! Enjoy and clean!


Water: Work and do the cleaning…How is that possible?

I would like to mention about Ho’oponopono tools. Some of them were mentioned in the Joe’s book “Zero Limits”.

Many ask how do I do the cleaning at work or when talking? In my job the head is busy with counting money for the corporation. It seems no cleaning fits into the picture. Is it possible to clean while talking to your boss? To me it is very possible and real and it works for me too.

Joe wrote in the book about the wonderful tool The Blue Solar Water. You also can learn about it from the IZI LLC website. Oh, please do not run to the grocery store to buy it. It can be done by you and it is free. How? Easy.

You need any glass (only glass) container of blue color. You may take a blue bottle, or as I do, blue glass vase. I have two of them. I always have one in reserve!

Pour water in that container, cover it with a plastic cover. It is not allowed in any case to cover it with metal cover. You have to cover it to avoid flies drinking that water. They love blue solar water. I experienced that for sure. Then put that water under the sun for 30-60 minutes. That is all! The water is ready for use!

You can drink it, boil water for tea, use it when cleaning clothes or use it for the shower. One drop of solar water into any water is enough and all the water becomes solarized. The principle is the same when they do holly water in the churches.

What shall we do when there is no sun and the sky is cloudy? I have no idea but I follow my own internal guidelines and put the glass container outside anyway as I see a little shadow from the blue container. There is little sun even in cloudy weather.

Let’s add more extreme. What if there is rain? The solution is to put the bottle under an incandescent lamp. You shouldn’t use daylight lamp and other kinds of lamps.

You can take such water to work. You drink it and memories are erased. You drink it and clean relationships with money or people around you. At the end that is all you want to do.

Well, what to do if physically you can’t carry it with you? Mentally…It is enough mentally to tell Blue Solar Water. But…preferably to do it physically because your body loves water.

Recently, I found online beautiful blue glass bottles that have plastic covers. I purchased them and love them. If you would like to start the cleaning using the Solar Water at your work or at home you can purchase one and carry it everywhere for you found the perfect mate!

Happy cleaning!

I love you!

Which Tool Is Suitable For Me…

toolThere are quite a number of Ho’oponopono tools. They are taught at the SITH seminars. A wide array of options of the tools may create a dilemma for you: which tool to choose from that works for you?

Hew Len in his interviews says that the best tool is the one directly received from the Divinity exactly for your situation. You need just to ask. If you don’t hear the response immediately keep on cleaning and ask again.

I had a very difficult situation and wanted to resolve it as quick as possible. What did I do? I asked for the tool! You know what? Divinity responded. I heard it very clear. At the beginning I did not believe it and was in a light shock (the memory of disbelieve popped up), but decided to give it a try and started to use that tool.

When I do the cleaning, I always feel the burning energy right in the heart. Unpleasant feeling, but! At that time I didn’t know that it will be my “gift-radar”. Those unpleasant feelings are showing me how “serious” the problem is that I work on at the moment. Sometimes the feeling is very strong and I rush to clean more so it will go away, sometimes I feel nothing.

When I started to repeat in my mind the new tool, I have noticed my “unpleasant feeling” gently moved from one side to another, the body relaxed and my nose got runny as if I had a cup of hot tea after I got back from the winter cold. The feeling started to melt down and then disappeared within several minutes.

After this experience I might ask Divinity for my own personal tools more often and who knows, maybe it will help me to let go of the garbage in me much quicker.

By the way, the result of use of my tool was incredible but this is going to be another story.

Thank you!

The Right Name

right nameFrom Ksenia.

I never thought of whether I have the Divinely correct name for me. What is this name? Is it long or short?  Is it Turkish or Hawaiian? May be it is a Japanese name? I want my name to also be a cleaning tool. The correct name not only helps in cleaning but it also corrects fate.

Several years ago, I began to think that it would be great to get a name from the Creator but …. As always, my dear memories showed up on the surface.

At first showed up the belief that Creator had no name for me and it turned out to be the strongest memory. There you are! Creator has the name for everybody except me. Perhaps He is too busy with other things and he had no time? We are many and He is alone. He may not know my name at all. And so on and so forth…

Stop! I started the Ho’oponopono process and asked the Creator to give me a sign.

Some time later after that I got to the Internet and read the name of the article in a completely unexpected place: “GOD KNOWS YOUR NAME!”.

Well… I did my cleaning and got the answer instantly.

Such a wonderful reminder for me that everything has its own Ho’oponopono time. No need to hurry, no need to worry. Just continue cleaning. The next step is to talk to Divine and ask.

Peace and miracles to you beyond all comprehension!


Merry Christmas!

cu3a4258-1Dear Friends,

Its the most wonderful time of the year…..:) 

Hope this year will be CLEAN from all the destructive memories that can create problems. We wish you ZERO and INSPIRATION in each and every second of your life. 

Here is the new GIFT tool from IZI LLC:

From Meditation as a way to enter the New Year you may use mentally:  Jump through the Rainbow Hoop.

Thank you very much for being with Ho'oponopono Miracles this year. Yuliya and I are jumping through the Rainbow Hoop. 

Mеrry Christmas!

Gulya and Yuliya




To Get a Wonderful Result

to get a wonderful resultStory from Kate.

Some years ago I often heard from my friends that only thanks to certain relations could get you a perspective job, new position, place a child to a school or daycare and so on. More over, people also happened to ask me such kinds of requests. To tell the truth, such kind of requests really bothered me. I never used relationships to ask somebody for myself and for my family. From the other side, I couldn’t say no.

Time flies. Now I am a Ho’oponopono practitioner. I still come across with requests to make an arrangement about something. But! Now, I clean myself first and then ask… First of all I ask the Creator to clean whatever in me that caused such a problem that a person can’t cope with it himself and had to ask me.

Not so long ago I got a phone call from a woman who was worried about her grandson. Her grandson could not pass the exam to one teacher in the University I worked for. The boy had already failed the exam several times.

Listening to this woman, I wrote down the boy’s and teacher’s names, the name of the exam, the name of  the University on a piece of paper… As I listened to the woman, I was not able to clean in mind or aloud. So I use a special pencil with an eraser on the end. You can learn how to use this pencil correctly at the IZI LLC classes.

Keeping the conversation going, I used the pencil tool. This pencil is one of the wonderful Ho’oponopono tools that initiates petition of cleaning to the Creator.

I did not know that very, very strict teacher. I didn’t know how to find him. I just cleaned myself and that really made a great difference. The next day I got good news. The exam was passed! It was amazing! I gave the petition to the Creator applying Ho’oponopono tool and received a wonderful result!

If people come to me with problems, requests or just claims I take 100% responsibility and make an appeal to the Creator to erase the memories of those problems that of course are in me. Anyway, Peace begins with me.


Dolphins Are Humans


What we would do without our wonderful cleaning tools? Only God knows how much stuff they work on! They know their job perfectly and do the cleaning non-stop without awareness from our part.

This  Ksenia's  story is about one of the cleaning tools.


Dolphins Are Humans.

Dolphins Are HumansHow  wonderful that Ho’oponopono is not only a chance to correct and clean our life. It is also the way to clean everything that is going on around us and resonates in our hearts. Of course! There is nothing outside of us. Our physical surrounding is a reflection of memories of our family, relatives and ancestors.

So I put into my cleaning list the problem of animal abuse. To be more exact, I was targeting my emotions that cause the experience of it.

There is a great number of cleaning tools in Ho’oponopono that can suit anybody’s taste. ZeroLag Pass is one of my favorite tools and I use it quite often. ZeroLag Pass is a petition of forgiveness and repentance to Divine Mind to transmute memories replaying problems.

To learn  what is  ZeroLag Pass you can watch this video with Ihaleakala Hew Len.

This cleaning tool helped me many times with cleaning serious problems. ZeroLag Pass can be used in some different ways. I usually print it multiple times and write down my concerns on the other side of Zerolag Pass. It works perfectly.

This time my attention was drawing to the problem of treating dolphins in the captivity by their dolphinarium owners. Every time I got to the cleaning of this issue, a great deal of awful details of animal abuse comes up. All those things inside my memory bank? How awful. I want to get rid of that.  

I learned from the TV show how they transport and care for dolphins for the touring dolphinariums. It was painful for me to see this. But it is important not to give up and keep on doing the cleaning. So I did.

The month of cleaning without expectation brought me very good news: “India recognized dolphins as Humans and prohibited to keep dolphins in the dolphinariums!” Huray India! Good start. I sincerely wish all governments will start to appreciate and care for these amazing creatures.



Gratitude in Ho’ponopono


With a great pleasure I’d  like to introduce you another very interesting person in my surrounding, who of course practicing Ho’oponopono,  Incha.

Her name isn’t  Hawaiian.  It’s a loving nickname that gave her husband that all around adopted and calling her. Her  real name is Inna.

Incha considers  herself as a naturally lazy person and was  looking for the practice that is easy, light, not intricate and bulky. After a while her search brought her to Ho'oponopono.

Incha said that her life is full of curiosities. She graduated from college with a degree that allowed her to become a specialist in Food Technology. Eventually, she  gave up the cooking :). Following this, she was a graduate of the University with a degree in economy, apparently in order to understand that she care about the numbers less than letters. One Master Degree wasn’t enough and she got one more University degree in Psychology, apparently to finally lose faith in psychology as a science: the manipulation of some people over others, and to understand that in order to be at Zero, she do not have to be obsessed with judgment assessment. How to achieve this state? Ho’oponopono gives her an answer – Cleansing!!

Ho’oponopono helped  to resolve many issues in Incha’s  life. She has a relationship of trust with an adult son, a successful second marriage, career growth, and the flow of money Creator gave her, too.

I am lucky  to share Incha’s stories of how Ho'oponopono helps in the area of ​​money, work and relationships with colleagues. In her stories you will find  confirmation  that Ho’ponopono is the surest way to be in harmony in all areas of life and I think you will love them for  their sincerity and sense of humor.


Gratitude in Ho’ponopono

"Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul".

Henry Ward Beecher

For the past several months, I returned back to my habit to write down in my notebook all the good happenings around me and all the things that I am grateful for to the Creator.

When I say thanks I am grateful and when I am grateful everything changes. For example, our dark office brightens up with flowers and plans, protective wallpaper on the walls even though our boss didn’t want to do any renovations. My home finally got the long-awaited home renovations. My country home transformed as well. Now it is not just clean but turned out to be a beautiful, bright and expressive oasis.

The other day I had to pick up some documents from the office across the street. They said they don’t have blanks for that and gave me only one.  In order to get another document I had to stand in a long line. Without and complains and going into debates, silently I said: “Thank you, thank you, thank you … ". Less than a minute later, an employee of that office said: “Okay. Sit here. I'll get your things".

I noticed that sometimes there is no reason for tears and sobbing. And it happens that there is no apparent reason for a special good mood and you feel the love for the world and an extraordinary rise of positive vibration. It would seem easy to give thanks when you feel joy. Do you often remember about the gratitude in the moments of joy? We take for granted the joyous event. It is human nature to attribute the good results of their efforts to themselves, but if things are bad – we blame others.

If a person in my reality bugs me in deeds and actions, in omissions or words, in look or gesture, he took on the role in advance in order to indicate that the memory is in me.

If we can thank the existence of all that we meet in our lives, all of us will begin to change. So THANK EVERYTHING FOR EVERYTHING!

Wish you Peace and Miracles beyond comprehension!


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