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Once again I am convinced that it is necessary to listen to the words of those people who have been practicing Ho’oponopono for years.

Morrnah used to say that it is possible to clean before you go somewhere. After you do Ho’oponopono you hear the Divine inspiration and all you need to do is to follow it.

In my case before a trip to Russia, I was completely exhausted. Every day I cleaned myself from the moment I wake up and before falling asleep. I noticed that sometimes it is worth it to cleanse on something particular. Then you can get that ‘the very result’. And again this is my experience. You will have your own.

This time I couldn’t clean on anything. I couldn’t pull myself together. I had very disbalanced thoughts inside my head. Usually, I immediately notice such things and begin to start the cleaning. This time I observed but I did not pay that much attention. Unfortunately…

You will not believe it, but when I arrived, all my friends and their families, – all of them had problems with their eyes. Some had big trouble. Some minor. Literally, upon my arrival many went to the hospital, they were revealed with complex diagnosis.

Could this be avoided? Rather yes, than no, if I took 100% responsibility.

Yes, I do not have problems with eyes, but people around me have. What does it mean? The program from my subconscious is showing me movies: look, this is inside you. And how do you feel, when they tell you about their pain? Does it hurt you? Of course, because it all happens with people dear to your heart.

To tell the long story short, since I was in such situation at that moment – it means this is in me, everything inside me.

It is easy to start solving the problem – clean memories inside yourself. It will be erased from me and from them. The disease will be erased from them only after it has been erased from me. Not other way around. The disease cannot exist without memory. It is impossible.

So before you plan anything, it’s better to do Ho’oponopono process long before.

I love you!


Ho’oponopono is a problem solving process: any kind of problem, even health problems!

I have heard a lot about it and even met people who used to have heart disease and who spoke about miraculous cure of their illness.

These stories have always been amazing to me. Sometimes, I think one can never get used to miracles.

A miracle happened with my health as well. I have been suffering from pains in my body my whole life! I don’t want to get into deep detail as it is very personal but I would like to say one thing – I did not work on that specific issue at all. It just happened and I realized after the fact when I found myself no longer having this pain.

Doctor Hew Len says that when you clean you don’t really know what you clean even though you consciously decide to clean on the problem. The important thing is to let go.

The good news is that the Divine knows what to erase first, and what is ready to be erased next. I am glad that I am not the one who makes this decision so I can better let go and let God do whatever needs to be done because result is always positive.

I love you!


SupermanPeople have an overwhelming desire to help each other for centuries. We always know what’s good for your neighbor. Without asking permission we help with money and give advice. It seems to us that we take the person out of the swamp of human problems.

How come? – You may say – I have an impressive list of people with serious problems. I have to help. I should help everybody, I can help them! I am a Superman!

Stop! Stop! Stop!

There is only you in Hooponopono. You can’t experience something outside of yourself. You cannot be simultaneously inside several people’s bodies and minds. It is just you, your body, your emotions, and your experience.

There is no need to look for reasons somewhere because YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!

It is difficult for us to understand the Ho’oponopono process consciously, but I’ll try to explain.

If you run around and help all the people around you, you will be tired. When you are tired physically and mentally you cannot help anybody. You will burn out. Please consider to stop.

The good news is you do not have to go anywhere!

All the problems are in you. Yes, it is easy to say but difficult to understand when one of your friends is in the divorce process, the other one has a complex disease, the third friend has no money and no job, and the fourth one experiences depression. Only I know and use ho’oponopono. My friends do not know about it. How can I help to everyone simultaneously?

Morrnah used to say: “Work only on yourself”. If your friends and family come to you and speak about their problems, that means that the Divine shows you a big red flag –  Hello! There is a  problem and you keep it inside of yourself!!!! 

It turns out that if the person is ill and I feel fine, he is not well only due to the program/memory of a disease that is in my subconsciousness. Bingo!

So where should you go and help to? Help yourself.

In the book Zero Limits, Joe Vitale mentioned that Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len didn’t use the traditional therapy with his patients. He only watched files with personel matters and cleaned.

In one of the interviews with Hew Len, he said that it was even easier. He would show up to work and from outside it looked like he was working. Sometimes he took the files in his hands but never opened them. He actually didn’t need even files and piles of paper about those people. He went to work only to clean himself. Profound!

Hew Len was among the sick people. Did he go from one patient to another? Did he advise what to do and how to run their lives to these patients? No. Why did they feel better?

The answer is simple. He took 100% responsibility for everything that he saw and heard. It is not a secret; he used a lot of different Hooponopono Tools.

It is not important what tools you are using, they work over all your problems in your subconscious mind at the same time. And everything that is erased from you will be erased from everybody. We don’t need to be stressed, “oh!” I have to clean this or that. The Creator sees what to erase first and what to erase second. You don’t have to do this.

Unique? Fabulous? Yes.

Worry only about one thing – whether you are cleansing constantly or not!

I love you!

Ho’oponopono For a Cat

4151This story from the reader.

Cats are very nice creatures of no harm, aren’t they? They bring happiness and sense of peace to those who love them and take good care of them.

As for me, I had a dislike for cats. I felt uncomfortable when they spin around me and bonked heads against my legs. I didn’t feel like taking a cat in my arms and stroking it.

Only later when I started practicing Ho’oponopono, I learned why I experienced such kind of feelings towards cats. There was some memory that caused trouble to my Unihipily. My Inner Child  was afraid of these four-legged friends.

I didn’t see the problem of not being friends with cats for many years. “Such a little thing.” – I thought … Up to a certain time…

The  Personal Reading  with  Keakaulike  made me look at the cat’s situation from the other side. Thanks to Keakaulike, I realized that there was no little things for Unihipily. I remember that  mysterious warning message from my Inner Child were surprising me: “Cats are not what they seemed. Beware of these strange creatures!”  Wow… What a world! Everything lies in the depth of our unconscious mind! I should clean with this memory without delay. 

Well… Where there is a will there is a way. I didn’t have to wait long for the chance to clean with my experience of cats. Sometime later we came to see my mother-in-law. She had a very old cat. Everyone loved it as it was nearly one of the family. But the cat didn’t come close to me nor I to it. This mutual dislike lasted for eight years.

This time it turned out that the cat was seriously ill for a couple weeks already. It couldn’t eat and move. People said that there was nothing to do with it : “You need put poor cat down so it would not suffer” 

We just came back from our first IZI LLC Class and I had a power tool with me – the Morrnah’s books. So I had a chance to apply it. One night I went to bed and decided to have a look at the cat. It could hardly breathe. I took Morrnah’s books and began to do the process.

After several days the cat began to recover. I kept doing the process with the cat, wipe it with Blue Solar Water and the cat started to move and take food.

A while later I lied down on the sofa with pain in my legs. To my surprise, the cat settled down on my lap. I didn’t feel like chasing it away. We stayed in such a way for an hour when I felt that my pain went away. A miracle!

At the same time I received nice news from the Invisible World that my memory of dislike to cats was released. More over, my Unihipily made friends with my mother-in-law’s cat and they had a joyful time together.

Now we live in a beautiful big townhouse. There are many cat owner’s there. The cats are taken care of and protected. They are guardians of our townhouse complex. I am happy that now my Unihipily has peace towards these fluffy creatures. Thanks to Ho’oponopono!

P.S. Something to consider if you have a fear of spiders, mice, or snakes huh?

My Main Task

My Main TaskWho does not want to be healthy? When you have a pain you are not able to enjoy life with all its beauty. Health can’t be neither bought nor given. You can just clean with your health issues doing Ho’oponopono.

Most people have their own health issues. Unfortunately I am not an exception and I found myself captured by an insidious disease.

If only I could give my problem to the doctor, I would give it out and let the doctor cure me, it’s his job. He would give me a magic pill. I’ll eat it and… Stop! Stop! Stop! Here the memory came up – shifting the responsibility for my recovery to the doctor.

Great Avicenna (outstanding Central Asian scholar, philosopher and physician) said to his patients that we talk about triunity: I, you and your disease. 

The Patient had to choose which one. The one we choose – the winner. As for me I choose Creator.

Going forward: “Oh, how sad I am! How sick I feel! Why should I suffer like this?”  Well, it’s just memories of disease come up. Who knows what have you experience  in your past lives.

There are a lot of reasons for being sick as we can see. The basis of this is only the chance to take responsibility for whatever is going on inside you and for your life. How bad you feel sometimes. It seems that nothing changes. You just want give up  and let suffer. It comes to my mind from time to time: “ Somebody could treat cancer and what about me? I am not capable to get rid of chronic rhinitis…” Here is again a choice: to surrender to depression, melancholy, continue to revel in your grief or Clean. Clean! Clean!


Is It Possible To Be Healed?

is it possible to be healedFrom the intellectual point of view, I think that the most terrible of this life – the loss of health. When you’re healthy you do not think about it. In the first place we think about money, money, money.

If someone is sick around us and you are healthy, we just experience the compassion with them to get better soon. No one realizes that memory replayed that sickness in you. It is not the person who gets sick. It is you who is sick at the subconscious level. If you don’t have it now, there is no guarantee that you won’t get that sickness. Unless you get to the cleaning.

Here’s a story of a woman who lives in the United States. 

The woman’s grandson was born. Soon grandson diagnosed with autism. When this happens in the family, of course, the whole family suffers with the patient. But…

Several years the woman did the cleaning. As a result, the autism cleared away. She was working on herself and experience inside her that was manifests as illness.

That’s what made ​​the Creator:

The signs of autism are gone. The child has a lot of friends. He is active in communication and even plays sports!

What does all this mean?

The child’s grandmother took 100% responsibility. She was not crying, was not looking for other ways to “solace” the disease through medication and doctors. She did not tell the child’s parents about what she was doing! She silently did the cleaning.

This story encourages me to do more cleaning. I myself have a wonderful result with my health issues but this is going to be another post if you are interested.

Thank you!


What a Cleaning!

what a cleaningSometimes when you do your cleaning you are so enthusiastic about life. But there are time when your enthusiasm and wantings drops down. I am talking about the times when you feel sick and broke. It is so hard to focus on cleaning. You understand your memories are much stronger than you are.  You want only one thing – to get well as soon as possible. That is it. In this case the are numbers of ho’oponopono cleaning tools exist such as Blue Solar Water, Ceeports.

I have quite a few friends who clean. I always say if there is a problem it is better to tell somebody who cleans.  At least my wining and crying will be in the process of cleaning and erasing the memories in me rather than to stay on the “talk” level and situation would stay the same.

One day I felt deeply offended.  I felt I just want to stay in my reaction and replayed it over and over again. It was very painful but it was my way to punish myself.  I was a while in my thoughts expressing my unpleasant feelings towards myself until the phone ring. It was my ho’oponopono friend. She said she was experiencing the digestion issues for several days.

Even though it was a not the best news I pulled myself together and took 100% responsibility for the situation I was experiencing in me. I began my: “I love you my memories that make me to experience situation like digestion issues with my friend. I love you! I love you!”

I didn’t know how long I did my cleaning. I just know that I got a message from my friend: “Good cleaning! I don’t have pain anymore. You know I feel many things are gone! I am fine!”

Hm.. Wonderful! I have no idea what went away from me at the same time but realized that my deep offence has gone too! It didn’t bug me anymore! What a great cleaning! Whatever erased from me got erased from her and it seemed that both my offence and her digestive sickens were somehow connected.

In addition my daughter run up to me all happy. She had stomach issues and was able to go to the bathroom too! At that very moment I understood how much I stuck in my memories of non – acceptance of a person, offence on that person that somehow led to issues in other lives.

Thank you Divinity! Thank you my memory of resentment and offences that came up to surface! Thank you my friend who made me to pay attention to memories I need to let go.

Thank you!


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