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Ho’oponopono is a problem solving process: any kind of problem, even health problems! I have heard a lot about it and even met people who used to have heart disease and who spoke about miraculous cure of their illness. These stories have always been amazing to me. Sometimes, I think one can never get used …

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People have an overwhelming desire to help each other for centuries. We always know what’s good for your neighbor. Without asking permission we help with money and give advice. It seems to us that we take the person out of the swamp of human problems. How come? – You may say – I have an …

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Ho’oponopono For a Cat

This story from the reader. Cats are very nice creatures of no harm, aren’t they? They bring happiness and sense of peace to those who love them and take good care of them. As for me, I had a dislike for cats. I felt uncomfortable when they spin around me and bonked heads against my …

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My Main Task

Who does not want to be healthy? When you have a pain you are not able to enjoy life with all its beauty. Health can’t be neither bought nor given. You can just clean with your health issues doing Ho’oponopono. Most people have their own health issues. Unfortunately I am not an exception and I …

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Is It Possible To Be Healed?

From the intellectual point of view, I think that the most terrible of this life – the loss of health. When you’re healthy you do not think about it. In the first place we think about money, money, money. If someone is sick around us and you are healthy, we just experience the compassion with …

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What a Cleaning!

Sometimes when you do your cleaning you are so enthusiastic about life. But there are time when your enthusiasm and wantings drops down. I am talking about the times when you feel sick and broke. It is so hard to focus on cleaning. You understand your memories are much stronger than you are.  You want …

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