Being a Woman

Being  a woman is not so easy, is it?  So many  stuff  falls  on  our delicate shoulders. But what  about  just being Yourself  in the way Divinity creates  us…


Being a Woman

Being a WomanDear lovely Mothers! Women! You think a lot of your children, husband, parents, job but not of  yourself!Let yourself be… no not weak, but strong! Think of Yourself  just for several moments!  It is not so easy. We are women used to sacrificing ourselves for many centuries. What is going on inside us reflects  our   loved  ones. You experience husband’s rage or child’s illness  just because of discord in your Inner Family. We forgot who we are.

We are  Conscious Mind, Subconscious Mind, Superconscious Mind. We are  LOVE. Peace and Restoration is the main and the most important objective on Earth.

Let’s look at ourselves  Here and Now! Not in an hour, not tomorrow when you may have more free time. But Here and Now! Inhale and exhale the rush of  today.

And now become in your mind all the Universe, the Sun, the Sky, the Wind, the Frosty Freshness, the Earth, the Kids playing on the playground at  this very moment… It's all  YOU!

Remember Yourself. Being  Womanly and  Reverent, Bright and Coquettish, Quiet and Beautiful, Gentle and Passionate, Mysterious and  Self – Sufficient, Loving Unconditionally and Loved… You are Beautiful! There are a lot of women in the world but everyone is UNIQUE! Everyone has her own rainbow of feelings and her own experience.

Address your Body. It asks your  love  first of all! Fall in Love with  your eyes, hair, lips, nose… Remember that you are PERFECT  Here and Now. If  we find a Miracle inside of US  today  it will stay with  us  tomorrow.

If you  feel  pain, fear or  you are just  tired please MAKE PAUSE! Say to all your negative feelings that you are sorry. You are sorry for  all those memories that you kept  for many centuries.  Love them as much as you love your child, your significant one or your  pet. Be very patient and gentle to your memories. Love  treats  everything. We are LOVE. Remember Yourselves.

Working on ourselves  we Women grow spiritually and coming close to the Divine Source. We remember our main inner state  that is  LOVE.  LOVE  attracts  Him – only  and unique for us. Only  Love can  raise our kids  in the right way. 

When the Woman in  love  with  herself  sends  Peace when her Heart  full of Light she  makes all the Universe dance.

Love and Peace to you dear Women!


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